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July 15, 2011
Casual Fridays and Sloppy Mondays
Where are Stacey London and Clinton Kelly to clarify that the going-to-Walmart/ready-to-go-viral style is not what to wear to the office? Good or bad, it only takes 30 seconds to make an impression. Has anyone noticed that some of the working crowd is a mish-mash of styles crying out for uniforms and surprise makeovers?
Who in the heck invented casual Fridays? An idea once intended to boost the morale after a week of the formal dress code may have backfired. Think of Meredith Palmer’s (Kate Flannery) way-too-minuscule stretch dress (full commando) interpretation in the episode “Casual Friday” on The Office and…enough said.
Casual Friday has obviously led to sloppy Mondays, unkempt Tuesdays, disheveled Wednesdays, and flip-flop Thursdays, accessorized with ambivalent attitudes possibly triggered by a distressed economy. Maybe it’s time for a “Dress-up-Mondays-through-Thursdays” reboot to restore the system?
What happened to the dress code? If your mother isn’t JLo, who selects three approved outfits every day for her husband Mark Anthony and fraternal twins, Emme Maribel Muñiz and Maximilian "Max" David Muñiz to eliminate any faux-fashion paparazzi pas, it simply takes a little basic effort that can work with any fashion budget.
How To Dress For Success:
1. Consider the job category and match the dress code. 
2. Find role models on the job, television, in magazines, or window displays; watch makeover shows and visit their websites (What Not to Wear, 10 Years Younger).
3. Discover a muse for inspiration.
4. Buy, keep, and wear styles that make you feel good.
5. Consider dress compliments as positive feedback on your top wardrobe styles/makers/keepers.
6. Create a color scheme that easily mixes and coordinates.
7. Take advantage of no-charge store stylists (Nordstrom, Macy’s, Banana Republic, and others).
8. Translate the guidelines to zap any unnecessary “what to wear/daily dilemma” stress. Every business has a code, even if it’s defined as “no suit, no tie.”
9. Keep it clean from head to toe: no tears, runs, chips, stains, or wrinkles.
10. Check the full-length, must-have mirror for your own “looking good” approval…before leaving the house.

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Phyllis Briskman is a verse contributor and does PR/marketing. She sharpened her first pencil as retail fashion copywriter, writing to count before Twitter tweeted its first hello. Later, she flew the cubicle to do freelance creative becoming a writer of all trades, from beauty to fitness for catalogs, magazines, and websites. Born to brainstorm, she's named retail businesses and website domains. She loves quick wit, survives on laughter, is a little hokey, but aims to please because that’s what life’s all about.

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