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September 15, 2014
Cast a Wide Social Networking Net to Keep Career Options Open
Job-seeking has taken on a whole new meaning thanks to the ever-growing world of social media.

No longer do you just send out resumes, but now, job-seeking is also about connecting with people and businesses.

Research tell us that more than 80 percent of small and medium-sized businesses use social media to grow their business. This number is only growing, with more and more businesses jumping on the social media bandwagon to both grow their business and hire on new employees.

If you're in the market for a new job, or perhaps looking to switch careers altogether, social media could be a valuable resource for you in your search.

Social media sites for job-hunting
  • Google+. Google+ is the second-largest social media networking site in the world, trailing closely behind Facebook. Google+ has a few advantages over Facebook — for one, anyone can see your profile and you can see anyone else's, making it much easier to connect and learn about businesses and jobs in your field. Google+ also has features that specifically make it easier for like-minded people to connect and share information. These features are known as Circles and Communities.
  • LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social networking site for professionals. With over 260 million members, people can join the network to connect with people in their line of industry, join groups related to their work, research companies, and, of course, find a job. Upload a professional photo of yourself paired with your stellar skills, job experience, and educational background and you're well on your way to landing a great job.
According to the article “LinkedIn helps college students break into high demand jobs,” LinkedIn is a valuable tool for college students, too.

Though most see it as only for full-time employees, the article states that the site is great for helping college students get a jump-start on building professional relationships and creating an attractive online footprint.
  • Facebook. With 1.5 billion active users, Facebook is by far the world's largest social networking site. Though it's not solely for professional networking, 25 million small businesses have Facebook pages and Facebook had 15 million brand-based pages as of 2013. To use Facebook in your job hunt, keep your page professional. Companies look at candidates' social media pages when determining who to hire, so don't let your profile stand in the way. "Like" your favorite companies' pages, stay current with what they're posting, try to get in touch with the hiring manager and interact with them regularly.
Other social media sites that may be of value to you in your job hunt include YouTube, where you can create an online video discussing your work experiences and what you're hoping to find, Twitter, where you can connect with other companies via short, 140-character tweets, and blogs, which allow you to comment and interact with the employees of the companies on a more personal level.

You'll enhance your job hunting experience the most by engaging in multiple social media sites.

Consider developing profiles for as many social media sites as you can and then familiarizing yourself with all of them.

Later, you can pick which ones you like the most and really dive into the job market from there.

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Sarah Brooks is a freelance writer living in Glendale, AZ with her husband and two daughters. She's passionate about writing, traveling, cooking and spending time with her family. Her writing topics include food and nutrition, travel, personal finance and small business. Sites she writes for include ripoffreport.com and those discussing college degrees.
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