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April 13, 2016
Career Oxygen is Looking for Talented Editorial Writers!

It's time to shake things up! Talent Zoo wants to know what YOU think.

Climbing the ladder?

Believe the interview advice you've been receiving is stale, outdated, unusable? Think your parents, your older siblings, hell!... even that cool friend who graduated just ahead of you, doesn't know what it's like in the jungle that is trying to nail a job? There's only one way to change a situation. Yell it to the rooftops. Start by emailing angel@talentzoo.com for a shot at contributing to CAREER OXYGEN.

About to jump off?

Established in your career, but feeling burned out? Tired of the daily conflict of working with a manager you hate? Lacking certain technical skills but afraid to tell anyone because (oh no, not again!) of job security reasons? Constantly wondering how to look better, do better, be better in your role... or maybe your boss's role? Email angel@talentzoo.com to contribute to CAREER OXYGEN.

Contact angel@talentzoo to change the world one word at a time.

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