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December 27, 2010
Before You Spend a Single Dime on Marketing, Do This First
The most important thing is not which system you use.
The most important thing is you have a system! – Zig Ziglar
It amazes me that the vast majority of golf clubs, resorts, and real estate developments that I work with think that someone paid a modest salary has any clue how to sell a $25,000 membership or $500,000 villa without training -- let alone memberships or real estate that are priced far higher.
Even if your product or service is cheap, allowing just anyone to handle leads without formal sales training is not much better than just throwing your leads away.
Do not start any marketing campaign without a written sales system in place and the sales training to back it up. A sales system will take only one sale to pay for itself and will keep on returning the favor with every employee you hire from now until you retire.
Even a small change, such as how the phone is answered or how an objection is countered, can have an astonishing effect on your sales performance and overall success.
Imagine if you closed two out of 10 leads instead of one. You have just doubled sales at no cost!
Now think of this concept for telephone inquiries, referrals, or dealing with objections. Incremental improvement at each phase of the sales process leads to astonishingly greater results.
This is why no marketing campaign should ever be undertaken without first having a sales system and training in place.
The system should include:
• step-by-step instructions
• phone scripts
• qualifying scripts
• a presentation script
• objection scripts
• closing scripts
• a referral program
To go forward with any marketing campaign without investing in a written sales system is, quite frankly, insane. Just a 5% improvement in sales skills can easily increase your bottom line by 30% or more.
Countless millions are squandered on campaigns to generate leads, yet little to nothing is spent on the back-end sales system or follow-up. Do not make this cardinal mistake.
Before you invest a dime in advertising or marketing of any kind, invest in a sales and training system to back up your efforts.

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Andrew Wood has been a successful entrepreneur in multiple industries and one of the world's leading marketing experts specializing in strategies that will quickly increase your business. He has authored more than 20 books including the "Cunningly Clever" series of books on marketing, sales, and entrepreneurship. Andrew speaks worldwide on sales and marketing topics and has a large following on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

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