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November 21, 2014
Are You Selling Out for the Benefits?
Sometimes people don't love their jobs, but stay anyway. A paycheck is one of the essentials for most people, after all.

Another essential many receive from employment is benefits, especially those tied to health care.

Because health insurance is expensive out on your own, many stick with their job, though it's not the dream one, so they can afford it. In fact, some people work for the sole reason of good benefits, which sometimes balance out low pay or a not-ideal work experience. 

As the following article shows, there are five reasons it's vital to have health insurance.

They include:
  1. Preventive care: Health insurance covers a lot of preventive care. Without it, a lot people skip those yearly physicals, flu shots, general screenings, and even mammograms. By maintaining good preventive care, you can avoid or treat certain conditions before they become something too serious. Without health insurance, the cost can be out of the realm for many people to afford.
  2. Prescription medication: With health care benefits, your prescription medication becomes much more affordable. Some prescriptions can cost upwards of hundreds of dollars, and with healthcare, you may only end up spending $10 or $20.
  3. Mental and nontraditional healthcare: Depending on the health insurance, mental health care might be covered. That could mean counseling and different types of mental health therapy. Other types of health care may be covered as well, like chiropractic care and acupuncture. These can all be costly sessions and without health care, you may be apt to overlook these necessary and beneficial options.
  4. Saving money on healthcare and getting earlier treatment: Those who have insurance are more likely to seek medical care upon the first symptoms. They can make an appointment with the appropriate medical professional, go in, and be treated. Those without healthcare will probably skip this step and unfortunately, the condition may worsen, often resulting in costly bills from an ER visit and more days off of work. Unfortunately, this can cause a trickle-down effect and touch many as unpaid bills lead to higher costs.
  5. No one plans to get sick or need treatment, but it happens: Unfortunately, one can't choose to not get sick or when they are going to be sick. No one plans on a heart attack, a cancer diagnosis, or even the flu. Without insurance, you could be owing thousands of dollars for health care, or possibly not be able to receive the best treatment. Though it is expensive, it's worth it to take care of yourself and your family.
So the question that therein lies: Is it worth it to stay at a job you don't love just for the health care benefits?

The answer is that it may very well be.

Unless the job is making you unhealthy by causing large amounts of stress or other issues, it may be the best for you right now.

Should you look for a new one?

Maybe, but do make sure your health care needs will be taken care of.

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Heather Legg is an Atlanta-based independent writer who covers career and business topics, including social media, small business, personal finance, and brick and mortar business degrees and getting an online degree in business

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