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July 2, 2014
Are Benefits Keeping You From Your Dream Job?
According to a survey done by Monster.com, health insurance was the most important benefit offered to employees. It was ranked highest by 32% over vacation time at 26%. 

The deciding factor in which job was accepted often came down to the benefits, and health coverage in particular. 

When You Have a Job
Even with a tight economy, people are often looking for a better job. With more organizations offering health insurance because of the Affordable Health Care Act, job hunting while you are working may be even more appealing. Since you already have a job, you can be picky about the jobs you pursue to ensure they have the benefits you want. 

As people get older, they often consider a new job if it has better health insurance. The policy they have might not cover their health care situation or it may not pay as well as they would like. They go looking for a job that provides them the benefits they need in health insurance.

How to Get Health Insurance
When you are job hunting, you may think you are limited to taking what the employer offers in terms of insurance. You may even feel desperate enough to take a job that either doesn't offer insurance at all or passes more of the cost of the policy on to the employee. 

However, you do have several options:
  • Health insurance and marriage go together, so check your spouse's benefits before making a decision. You may pay less being added to that policy than paying for one of your own with an employer.
  • Ask for a higher salary. If you must pay a high amount out-of-pocket for coverage, find out if the employer will increase your starting salary. While this probably won't happen in most entry-level jobs, an employer may consider it if you have specialized skills for a higher position. Be aware that if you need health insurance down the road, you may have to get your own.
Health Insurance on Your Own
You can also shop around to find an affordable insurance plan on your own. If you are concerned at all about getting good coverage with an employer, look for policies that you like. Get a quote on how much you would have to pay. Add that into your budget to determine how much salary you must receive to accept a job. 

One benefit to this method is that you get the kind of coverage you want. However, you may have a hard time commanding that salary from a new employer if it is a dramatic increase from previous salaries. It never hurts to try, though. 

Health insurance is an important deciding factor on what job to take for many people today. It can even help them decide whether to stay in their current jobs or look for new employment. 

However, you do have several options for finding affordable health insurance outside of direct coverage from an employer. You just have to know what you need and where to look.


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