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November 16, 2010
Archiving Social Media Utterances
One thing about press releases is that they can be readily archived in three-ring binders. But what about social media releases and your responses to input from them? Social media comments are becoming an increasing part of a company's utterances, and need to be retrievable over time. Tanzina Vega in The New York Times reports on a Web service -- Cloud Preservaton -- that's billed as meeting this need.

The service, Vega reports, is being developed by Tribal DDB Worldwide, the digital division of DDB Worldwide, which is part of the Omnicom Group. Tribal is teaming with Next point, which uses cloud-based tools to archive Web content, Tanzina reports. Paul Gunning is Tribal's chief executive and president.  

Cloud Preservation debuted in August. It crawls the Internet collecting and storing and organization's comments on Twitter, Facebook et. al. Tanzina advises that Cloud Preservation "uses Amazon Web services to crawl the Web and archive sites, blogs and social media posts that can then be stored, searched, tagged and exported. The cost of the service ranges from $15 a month for basic service to $2 million to $3 million a year for 'a full-scale operating service,'" in the words of Rakesh Madhave, founder and chief executive of Nextpoint.

Another example of how social media is becoming enabled as a key way to relate these days.  

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