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July 10, 2019
Apple's Texas Hold'em iPhone Game is Back

Apple is indulging in some App Store nostalgia by reviving its version of Texas Hold’em, which originally launched on the iPod in 2006 before landing on the iPhone two years later. Although Apple had removed Texas Hold’Em from the App Store in 2011, it’s now back with new characters, a fresh design, and tougher challenges. It’s also free instead of $5.

Strangely, Apple says it’s bringing back the game to commemorate the App Store’s 10-year anniversary, even though the App Store launched almost 11 years ago, on July 10, 2008. One might argue that Apple is getting its celebration in with two days to spare, but try getting a 10th-anniversary gift for your spouse 363 days after the actual date and see how that pans out.

In any case, a way to play poker on your phone without any ads or in-app purchases is probably better late than never.


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This article was published on Fast Company. A link to the original piece appears after the post. www.fastcompany.com
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