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June 14, 2016
Apple UX Goes Full Dadcore
I want to tell you about a magical place. A place where U2 albums download to every phone, and with a button press, you can turn any text message into a laser-filled Kiss concert. A place where there’s no pain and no suffering, because there is an "emoji button" that will translate a message into kid-speak for you.

This place is Apple in 2016. That’s right, Apple’s longtime obsession with Bono and Chris Martin was only a taste of things to come. Cupertino’s user interface has gone full dadcore.

If you don’t just know what I mean by dadcore, allow these examples to illustrate: You could define dadcore through Siri’s groan-inducing brand of canned jokes, which rely heavily on puns. Or iOS’s Find My iPhone feature, which unearths a phone that’s fallen inside one’s couch during Monday Night Football.

Yesterday, at its Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC), Apple introduced a slew of these features, which iron out the confusion around iOS multimedia like a hot dryer can smooth a pair of wrinkled blue jeans with a wallet line.


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