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March 18, 2010
All the News Fit to Click

Don't know how long it's been posted, but we've just discovered the Today's Front Pages (TFP) site at Washington's Newseum -- the national journalism museum -- and it's amazing!  

The site offers an interactive map of the U.S. with dots for what we imagine is virtually every daily newspaper in the nation. Click on one, and you're offered a mini front page of that very day's edition. Click twice, and you get a larger version of the front page with a link to the paper's Web site at the top. In other words, you can see what's being offered on the front page of virtually any paper in the country using TFP.

This is potentially a helpful tool for getting a quick read on what's doing, in terms of "current events" at least,  in markets of your choice. Of course, the paper will have to have actual stories on its Web site for you to read them. You only get an impressionistic view of front pages at TFP; stories aren't clickable there.

The access to information the Internet provides continues to amaze. Now we have your own national cyber newsstand. Thanks Newseum! (You need to have Adobe Flash on your computer for the map to work.) 

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