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July 24, 2017
Adobe Just Built The Prettiest UI Ever
There is nothing quite like an artist’s palette. With this humble piece of paper or wood, the artist can mix infinite pigments, each of which can be dipped into again and again without a second thought.

FiftyThree’s Paper did an incredible job at streamlining the palette for iPad screens. And now, a new project from Adobe Research and University of Toronto may take things a step further. Their Playful Palette lets you mix colors in a stretchy, blended puddle. The effect is downright beautiful. Each color mix is like its own little snapshot of wall-ready abstract art. But crucially, as you work putting colors to the virtual canvas, you automatically save the colors that you’ve already used around the wheel.

In other words, the UI mixes pigment improvisation and digital history in one fast and fluid interface. 


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