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January 10, 2012
Add Text Messaging to Your Marketing Mix
In light of a continuing dismal economy, many business owners and marketing execs are looking toward the New Year with renewed optimism. If you fall into this boat, you might be wondering what you are going to do differently this year to help get the economy back on track, starting with your own business. What kinds of advertising are you considering investing in to help bring attention to your business? For those businessmen and women looking to grow and build their enterprises in the new year, text marketing is a viable option to consider.

Text message marketing is a proven effective method of affordable advertising that capitalizes on increasingly popular text messaging as one of the primary types of communication among the majority of consumers in the United States. There are tons of benefits to adding text message marketing into your business advertising options, including increasing customer loyalty as well as building traffic during slow periods of business.

Text message marketing uses SMS message technology to allow businesses to send out mass text messages about upcoming events, discounts, promotions, sales, and other incentives to customers to draw them in to the store or visit the website online to make a purchase. Text message marketing only works on an opt-in basis, so the recipients of the messages are not being spammed by the business or advertiser. This is helpful in that the customers are receiving messages from the businesses they most frequently patronize, or the businesses they would be most interested in based on their interests and shopping habits. The business will send out the text to a list of numbers of individuals that have signed up to receive the service.

Business owners or marketing directors can determine how they will get customers and potential customers to sign up for the text marketing service. Some will have customers join a list when they make a purchase for a chance to receive future discounts, specials, and access to promotions. Other businesses might choose to let customers, potential customers, and others know that they can get access to special deals by texting in a keyword to a short code to opt in to notifications about these deals via text message.

Many text marketing providers and companies will have ideas for the business or marketer on how to most effectively get customers to sign up for the service. There are many advantages for any size business adding in a text marketing campaign to their list of existing types of advertising. Even huge companies such as fast-food chains, soda companies, big-box stores, department store chains, and many more are investing in this affordable method of advertising. Text message marketing companies keep prices pretty low for a monthly or annual rate. Shopping around on the Web for the best deals in text message marketing is the best way to find a text message marketing platform and plan that works for your business.

Another one of the best advantages to using a text message marketing service to invest in this innovative method of marketing includes finding a provider that allows for easy online management of your text message marketing plan. With your online plan, you can manage your contacts, phone numbers, messages, and texting campaigns. The best SMS message marketing companies will make this process super easy to use as well as affordable.

As you continue to gain more followers per your text message marketing campaign, you can keep track of your most loyal followers and customers. Encourage your message recipients to let their friends and families know how to get the best deals from your business. This will lead to an increased number of followers and potential customers that will enjoy getting text messages about your business, promotions, sales, and other deals on your products and services. The benefits and savings these text marketing campaigns pass on to your customers will cause your customer base to increase, which means overall more profits for you and your company.

One of the best parts about using text message marketing is that it is not only an affordable method of advertising, but it is also a good way to appeal to your customers personally. Sure, newspaper ads and radio commercials can be an effective way to advertise, but it is also easy for your potential customers to get so used to hearing and seeing those types of ads that they simply ignore them. However, with text message marketing, you and your business are sending out messages to individuals that are already interested in receiving more information about your products and services. This is appealing to their shopping desires and needs on a personal level to initiate future purchases and business. Text message marketing is a growing industry that offers some of the most affordable pricing in advertising methods. In addition, many businesses, restaurants, clubs, bars, department stores, etc. find success in using text message marketing to promote their business, products, and services.

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Brandon Hardman is the Sales Manager for TXT180.com, a text message marketing company based in Southern Utah since 2010 that offers text communication and marketing throughout the United States.
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