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February 20, 2013
Ad-Verse Reactions: Full-Time vs. Freelance
“The quality of life is determined by its activities.”
“Quoting the ancient Greeks always makes you look smart.”
I’m very committed to maintaining and building my “network” — as I’m sure you are as well. So when a recruiter buddy of mine suggested that I have lunch with a friend of his, I agreed.
HIM: Freelancing (his Mrs. carries the salary and benefits) and a dad like me. Worked at several of the big shops in our area, but had given up the full-time world in exchange for the freelance existence. Basically admitted he was “finding himself.”
ME: Well, you know. Digital copywriter with offline background. Dad. Voted Talent Zoo’s #26th favorite columnist.
Who has it better, Full-timer or Freelancer? Let’s go to the completely fabricated videotape!
Me: 45 minutes, minimum, each way.
Him: It’s a maximum of 50 steps between my bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and office.
Advantage: Him.
Me: I may not have to show up at 8:30 on the dot, but I’m NEVER done by 5:00 and working late nights a lot. Sometimes weekends too.
Him: I make my own schedule. I never miss my kid’s soccer games. And I only wear pants three days a week.
Advantage: Him.
Me: My current creative director is always pushing us, and sometimes it’s warranted. Other times, it’s a bit much. Better than most of the other ones I’ve worked for, though.
Him: Hey, if they want extra concepts and rounds of revisions, I can bill more.
Advantage: Him.
Me: These art director kids are fun, although they usually want something weird for lunch. The account execs are usually OK, although if I get one more incomplete creative brief, I’m getting out my bat.
Him: My dog hangs out at my feet all day, and I get to pick up my kid at school at 3.
Advantage: Him.
Me: The better my work, the more the 1% get richer.
Him: Some of my clients are mom-and-pop businesses. It’s nice helping people live the American Dream.
Advantage: Him.
Me: Every two weeks, like clockwork. And an annual bonus, although that’s taxed.
Him: Every day I’m hustlin’. There’re times that I finish a project and don’t get paid for a couple months.
Advantage: Me.
Me: As much as I want to and try to “push the envelope,” most clients don’t want or appreciate truly innovative thinking.
Him: Same here.
Advantage: Tie.
Me: I like the stability, but most days are mostly blah. And I’d love to have more time for my family and hobbies.
Him: I have no stability and my income is inconsistent, but most days are pretty cool.
Winner: Him.
It’s the same as ever. If you can somehow afford it, the freelancer’s life is the way to go. But in this economy, few can live that way. (Related: A Facebook buddy of mine announced he was hiring a writer, and got 40 applications in four days.)
Are you a Full-timer or a Freelancer?
Does your life rock or suck?
Share in the comments below! 

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