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March 11, 2015
A Message To Marketing Hopefuls (Who Don't Believe Things Can Ever Change)
You're looking for a job, any job, in marketing, branding, advertising, social media — whatever.

You'll work anywhere.

You'll work on anything.

You wonder if there's beers on Friday.

You already are frustrated with those people in the office who argue about everything.

You wish you could be paid to play games and scroll your Facebook feed.

You listen to corporate pop, rock, country and rap.

You think copying is easier than creating.

You think following feels better than leading.

You watch TV. A lot.

You cheer your team by shouting "Go _______s!" as long as others are, too.

You're an average girl or guy and don't get your hopes up.

You hate reading stuff.

You never look at any image for more than ten seconds.

You assume nothing gets any better.

You chase after the cute guys or girls on Tinder that look most like the ones you see on TV, porn, or magazine covers.

You post pictures of yourself on Tinder that look most like the ones you see on TV, porn, or magazine covers.

You live on constant distractions to the senses.

You have a crack in your smartphone screen.

You're pretty sure how the next ten years will be.

Your best friend is fear.

To you and your friends, I have one suggestion and fervent request: Find a different career. Now.

Successful marketing requires that you live with an eternal spring of hope.

It requires optimism. Fresh ideas and a positive demeanor, daily.

Vision. Creativity. Finding the forest for the trees, the rose among thorns.

Attitude and outlooks are everything in this field.

Act as if until you feel as if.

Or move on.

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As a strategist, writer, designer, producer, director, actor, musician, performer, teacher, trainer and speaker, creative marketing was a potentially ideal career for Paul. Yet after years of winning dozens of global creativity awards with various agencies, Paul gave up the awards pursuit and became a professional human being.

Paul launched the1101experiment in 2001, focusing on bringing top-level strategy, creativity and multi-dimensional success to global brands, but with an added emphasis on positive ethical and social opportunities. Paul's thinking has been published worldwide and has predicted many global cultural shifts long before they happened. 
Paul leads a mastermind network of friends, colleagues and multi-talented professionals from around the world who are strategists, writers, artists, web, social and interactive specialists, who are involved on all client work.
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