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December 24, 2009
A Matter of Life and Death –and a Grocery Bag

Let's get the obvious out of the way.
We're all going to die.
(In fact, how we feel about death is a sure sign of how we live.)
And none of us really know when or how we're going to fly from this world.
Hit by a bus? Car accident? Cancer? Sudden heart attack? Slowly in a nursing home with Alzheimer's?

So, I want to know, since neither of us is dead at this moment, how you're thinking about the project you're working on right now.

Are you putting everything of yourself into it (or at least fighting to do so)?
What if this one project ended up being the last ad you ever write, design, produce or approve?
And what if this one last project was what you were ultimately remembered for?

Do you want to be remembered as a SEO expert?
Do you want to be remembered as making soft-porn sales promotion posters?
Do you want to be remembered for saving 1% off the media budget for the same reach and frequency?

I suspect, that most of us, if we knew and had the choice, might want our last professional act to make a difference in this world, to make people smile, to think, to make life something far more than the ordinary.

So, realizing that neither of us know how much longer we have to live, to work, to breathe... couldn't the project you (and I) are working on right now be just a little bit better?

I know, it's really hard most days, but may I suggest that it's worth your while.

I leave you with a recent favorite tweet and a favorite grocery bag saying...

From Lee Clow: "What will you do when everyone is SEO optimized? Oh right, go back to ideas."
--and my favorite grocery bag reads : "I experienced The Flaming Lips In Concert and It Made Me A Better Human Being."

Please, may the work we do today be based on a better idea make both of us better human beings. ; )

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As a strategist, writer, designer, producer, director, actor, musician, performer, teacher, trainer and speaker, creative marketing was a potentially ideal career for Paul. Yet after years of winning dozens of global creativity awards with various agencies, Paul gave up the awards pursuit and became a professional human being.

Paul launched the1101experiment in 2001, focusing on bringing top-level strategy, creativity and multi-dimensional success to global brands, but with an added emphasis on positive ethical and social opportunities. Paul's thinking has been published worldwide and has predicted many global cultural shifts long before they happened. 
Paul leads a mastermind network of friends, colleagues and multi-talented professionals from around the world who are strategists, writers, artists, web, social and interactive specialists, who are involved on all client work.
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