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July 10, 2017
A Job Hunting Lesson From Trump vs. Hillary
This is about a critical difference between Trump’s campaign and Hillary’s that has nothing to do with voter registration, allegations of foreign attempts to interfere with the process or voter turnout on election day.

Political analysts, professional pundits and astute observers of all stripes disagreed about many aspects of the two campaigns and their respective candidates’ personal qualities and personality differences. However, even armchair strategists warned that Hillary’s campaign was pursuing a risky strategy of running on her years of experience in state and federal government positions. Richard Nixon ran on the same strategy in 1960 with the slogan: “Experience Counts." JFK promised to “get the country running again — towards a new frontier.” Trump ran on essentially the same basic notion, and like JFK in 1960, proved that experience is where you find it, and the hope for a greater America is more compelling than a “vote for me because of my long experience in government.” Which brings us to what your own job search campaign can learn and apply from the Nixon, JFK, Hillary, and Trump campaigns.

Most job hunters today follow the (losing) strategies of Nixon and Hillary Clinton — i.e., focusing on their past: "Here’s my resume and I sure hope you like it." That strategy is most effective if you are merely trying to make a lateral move.  

If your goal is to get “elected” (hired) in a different kind of position or industry, your chances of getting hiring authorities to invite you for an interview will be much more likely if your campaign focus is on the future and (believable) promises to help her or him reach their business financial goals faster. This is also true even for lateral moves.

Love him or not, your job search strategy will be more effective if you follow the Trump model rather than the Hillary approach. In addition to being a more effective way to generate interviews, your interviews will be a lot less tense than those interrogation-style meetings where you get peppered with questions by a skeptical interviewer.

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Tom Kellum is a job hunting consultant, helping people's dreams come true since 1987. He specializes in providing a personal job-landing service based on proven marketing strategies and methods. For more information, email him at careerkeysman@gmail.com.
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