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October 21, 2009
A Cool Little Trick that Merges SEO and Social Media

I almost don’t want to reveal this strategy because I like it so much. But I’m not too worried about it being overused because first off, it requires a little bit of work, and second, most people are going to be too lazy to use this strategy anyway. So here goes.

I have started using a video micro-blogging platform called 12seconds.tv. It is essentially a video version of Twitter. Every update consists of a 12 second video. So rather than speaking to your audience in 140 character increments, you’re speaking in 12 second increments. The site allows for you to upload videos created using video editing software, but personally, I like the quick approach. If you have a webcam hooked up to your computer, you can just sign into the 12seconds web site, click a button and start recording. If you like the take, you accept it. Otherwise, you re-record it until you are satisfied.

Like Twitter, 12seconds has a follower system. If there are video bloggers you particularly like, you can follow them, which will cause their videos to appear on your home page when logged in. Also like Twitter, many of those you follow will follow you in return. 12seconds does not yet have the horsepower and name recognition of Twitter, so the user base is certainly smaller, making it more difficult to build up follower lists in the many thousands like you can on Twitter. It’s just one more social media platform to take advantage of.

However, there is one more thing you can do with 12seconds that I really like. This is where the SEO part comes in. You can leave comments on your own or anyone else’s videos that contain HTML keyword links. In other words, on one of my videos about Internet marketing, I can display a link such as the following:  Internet marketing

What this does is create a keyword link back to my company’s web site. Now, this is not an extremely high value link, but it is a keyword link on a highly relevant page. And I can do this every time I post a new update. And I usually do. You could even go around to other users’ videos and do links like this, but if you do so it should be in the context of a legitimate comment, and you should be subtle about it. I recently deleted some comments from some of my videos because they were obviously from a competing SEO firm doing exactly what I’m talking about here. The comments were not particularly intelligent, but I would have left them without the links. If you use the 12seconds service often, you can create a ton of new keyword links just from your own videos.

Another part of this is making sure that you tag each of your posts with multiple keywords. This helps in a couple of ways. It might help more people find your videos on the 12seconds site, and it places your videos (and corresponding comments with keyword links) on more pages throughout the 12seconds site because a page will be created (if it does not already exist) for every keyword you use.

If you use 12seconds regularly, you will expose your marketing message and personality to lots of potential clients or referral sources, network with other like-minded people, and create a ton of new keyword links back to your web site. Not a bad deal for something that takes…well, twelve seconds!

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Jerry Work is president of Work Media LLC, a Nashville SEO firm that specializes in orchestrating Internet marketing campaigns that blend organic search, paid search and social media. He is also the author of "Be the Magnet," a new book on using social media and content distribution to promote websites. For more info, click here.

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