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November 21, 2016
6 Tools for Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts
What is one of the main ingredients not to neglect when starting a website?

If you answered social media, then you’re right.

When it comes to networking online today those two words bring extreme power. Unfortunately, they can also bring exasperating chaos, largely due to disorganization and mismanagement. Therefore, companies large and small find themselves seeking the best social media managers their money can buy.

Of course, this presents a unique set of challenges for those endeavoring to provide services as social media managers for a variety of clients. Yes, they understand how to navigate Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms successfully. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be sought after as social media managers in the first place. 

But how do they, and you, keep everything straight and organized?  No matter if you are serving multiple businesses or just one, the following six tools can help you manage your social media accounts successfully.

Managing Social Media Accounts Overview: 6 Tools
Before starting the review of our recommended social media tools, it should be noted that these are not listed in any special order. Instead these tools are designed to cover specific areas of concern for Social Media Managers that are handling a multiple client workload.

That said, let’s get on with the review.
  1. Buffer: Schedule Your Engagement
  2. Hootsuite: Viewing Your Channels
  3. SumAll: Social Media Details
  4. SocialHunt: Follow Your Favorites
  5. SocialCount: What’s Being Shared
  6. BuzzSumo: Your Viral Dashboard
As you will see shortly, these are just some of the possibilities available when starting a website social media marketing strategy.  However you decide to do it, the key is to create a strategy that works for you and stick with it.

Detailed Review for Managing Social Media Accounts

1. Buffer: Schedule Your Engagement
Logging into separate accounts for each client is difficult enough. Then when you realize that they need posts released throughout the day, the hardship increases exponentially. 
Buffer makes the difference here by allowing scheduled releases to be set up with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Thus, the social media accounts that you are working with are kept busy throughout the day while you can turn your attention to other more pressing matters.
2. Hootsuite: Viewing Your Channels 
While there are certainly similarities between Buffer and Hootsuite in that you can control the output being fed to your various social networks, we bring it forward here for a something unique that it does offer.
Their pro account establishes your ability to view multiple streams for various clients simultaneously.  Not only can you see what is being shared on that channel, but you are also able to find out who is interacting as well as many other important elements.
It’s always been important to be timely and engaging with your clients. This is never truer than with social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.  Fortunately, Hootsuite is ready and available to help make the difference.
3. SumAll: Social Media Details
How do you know if your social media marketing strategy is working? Is it enough to simply post content and hope for the best?

No serious business owner would do that in the offline world and it certainly should be avoided online too. 

That’s where SumAll steps in by providing informative interactive charts that allow companies and organizations to make the right choices related to their social media strategy. By streamlining the metrics details that matter most to each individual company that you work with, you can deliver them exact results and reports that are sure to keep them happily engaged with you for a long time to come.

SumAll is designed to work with a variety of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

4. SocialHunt: Follow Your Favorites
While SocialHunt is specifically designed for Twitter it deserves mention here because it can be utilized for all platforms with a bit of creativity. With SocialHunt you can receive all tweets that are made by any person, brand, or profile.

You can then interact with them on Twitter per what you see happening in their streams. However, take a moment to think about what business professionals tweet about.
  • Their latest product releases.
  • Changes in organizational structure
  • Upcoming events.
And more.

What is to prevent you from taking these details and creating social media campaigns that can be shared across all social media platforms? In this way, this Twitter resource can be utilized for successfully managing what is released to all social media platforms that your client is associated with.

5. SocialCount: What’s Being SharedWe’ve gone viral!
When it comes to social media marketing, sweeter words have never been heard. The problem is getting something to go viral. However, what if you could find something that has already gone viral and ride the wave of excitement?

SocialCount is ready to make that happen by identifying the most shared content on the Web both as it relates to what you are doing and what other companies and organizations are up to. Find the leaders in your niche and create content around them so that others will connect with you as they find your details within the momentum being created.

This is only one of many reasons to use SocialCount when working with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Check it out and uncover other useful ways of working with the sharing details that they provide.

6. BuzzSumo: Your Viral Dashboard
Finally, we enter inter the sphere of influence created by BuzzSumo. Want to know how your brand is influencing the Web? Is capitalizing upon content that is truly making a difference on the Web important to you? Would you like to know the good, the bad, and the ugly about your social media marketing strategy?

Get familiar with BuzzSumo.

No matter if you are working on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, or Pinterest, BuzzSumo can open your eyes to what is and is not working as it relates to the content you are releasing. Empower your sphere of influence by tapping into the power of BuzzSumo.

Concluding Thoughts
Review the above programs in order to determine which ones will work best for your own individual purposes as a social media manager. Keep in mind: There are always new tools being created for social media management. Once you have your plan of action in place, please don’t limit yourself to only those options; rather, work with what you have while incorporating new ideas as you become aware of them. In so doing you will become the leading social media manager you desire to be

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