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May 22, 2014
5 Tips on Hiring Millennials

In 2013, there were roughly 40 million millennials entering the job market, which is expected to nearly double by 2025.

With that being said, millennials will most definitely be part of the future of your business.

The work ethic of millennials seems to generate mixed emotions from employers; some say that this generation is lazy and does not accept full responsibility nor are they as motivated as past generations.

This is a big generalization to make when talking about such a sizeable group of people.

It is true that millennials have different working styles than previous generations, but that does not mean that they are unmotivated and lazy.

Millennials are motivated in a different way that needs to be discovered by employers in order to find and keep ones that are hard-working, intelligent, and motivated.

Furthermore, employers need to discover how to attract the new talent that millennials provide.

Here are 5 tips to attract hardworking millennials:

1. Allow and Promote Flexibility
A major difference between previous generations and millennials is the fact that millennials crave flexibility in the workplace.

Work flexibility refers to a number of situations such as casual Fridays, allowing for a condensed workweek, or even allowing employees to work from different locations.

It is believed that credit for this change can be given to the many new technological advances that make the hours of a typical 9–5 job unnecessary.

Now, employees have the ability to do a portion of their work from home or even a nearby coffee shop.

Furthermore, meetings do not necessarily have to be at a standard 12 P.M. time because they are oftentimes with partners or other employees that are working from overseas.

If you are still wary about allowing flexibility at the office, consider this: a study conducted by the Global Workplace Analytics found that one third of professionals would take a 10% pay cut if they were offered an opportunity to work from home.  

2. When Interviewing, Set Aside Time to Discuss Expectations 
Oftentimes, companies have high turnover and communication issues with millennials due to lack of understanding expectations.

Expectations, for the company and the interviewee, should be discussed during the first interview.  

The most common mistake is not covering the job duties and activities thoroughly.

Have you heard an employee complaining because they are being asked to do tasks that are not listed in their job description?

Or perhaps management complaining because an employee refuses to do a task or possibly does not do it as well as they should?

Simply listing the task in the job description or discussing the possibility of that type of work during the interview can avoid this issue.  
3. Predict Behavior by Conducting a Behavioral Event Interview
For obvious reasons, millennials have less experience in the professional world, which makes it a little more difficult for employers to predict how they will behave in their new position.  
Conducting a behavioral event interview can solve this problem. This type of interview collects information on the interviewees past, in order to predict their future actions.
The interviewer does not need to be concerned with previous work history. The information is obtained by asking open-ended questions, which allows them to map the interviewees’ behavior. Behavioral event interviews use a star model: situation, task, action, result.
This type of interview creates a dependable tool for comparing and evaluating candidates. Lastly, it allows the company to set clear criteria to be used during employee assessment and selection.

4. Collect Suggestions From Millennials at the Company
Talk with millennials at the company to see if they will offer suggestions or comments relating to recruiting other millennials.

Companies that are built by this generation find it easier to attract other millennials. Why is that? The answer is because they are simply reaching their peer group.

Millennials at your company can tell you what drew them to the company, what makes them stay there, and most importantly, they can provide you with constructive criticism in order to improve your companies recruiting tactics.
One of the benefits from having an employee engagement platform is that you’re able to collect data from not just the millennials, but all employees to better the workspace.
Try finding one that goes with your company and using that to obtain suggestions that will drive your company culture.

5. Provide Access to a Mentor
Mentorship at the office is essential.
It instills confidence, the opportunity to learn new skills, and the option to build close relationships with new coworkers. Starting at a new company is frightening; it’s almost like moving to a foreign country while barely speaking the language.
Offering a mentorship program to new hires, especially millennials, helps alleviate the stress of starting at a new firm.
You can try using an employee engagement platform that will allow them to grow easily within a team of mentors, allowing them to learn more about the company’s employees and mission.
During the interview process, set aside time to talk about mentoring opportunities with the company; inform millennials that you offer both peer mentors and senior-level mentors.
Do You Have Experience With Hiring Millennials?
Share your suggestions, questions, and thoughts in the comment section below!

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Jeffrey Fermin is the cofounder of Officevibe where he is in charge of all marketing efforts and business development for the company. Jeff has the pleasure of engaging with the Officevibe
community where he talks, tweets and blogs about company culture and employee engagement.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/officevibe

Twitter: www.twitter.com/JeffFermin

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Facebook: www.facebook.com/officevibe

Twitter: www.twitter.com/JeffFermin

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/jfermin



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