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March 14, 2017
5 Small Workplace Changes That Will Make You More Productive
Paying close attention to recent research into various workplace issues that impact employee productivity is crucial if you want your office to help you be more creative. Walking into any creative agency, it's not likely that you'll see stale colours and environments with a boring corporate touch. Creatives simply cannot bear spaces devoid of a stimulating design. Here are five small changes you can apply to your office right now and enjoy a greater creative output.

1. Mind the temperature
When it comes to office temperature, go for one that makes you feel comfortable. Don't be modest in adjusting your thermostat. This research study from Cornell University demonstrated that workers are more prone to making mistakes in chilly environments by 40%!

Winter and summer can be tricky – depending on the weather, you'll keep your windows closed and turn on the heater or air conditioning, and neither of these options is good for your health. If your office has a window you can open, remember to let some fresh air in it at least twice a day – a dose of oxygen will instantly wake you up.

2. Ambient noises
This, again, depends on your preferences. While some people prefer absolute silence, others like to work in public places where they can hear the soft buzz of conversations and clunking teacups around them.

Being in creative business, there's one thing you should know: this study showed through five experiments that a moderate level of ambient noise (70 dB, contrasted with 50 dB as low) increases performance on creative tasks. A high level of noise (85 dB), on the other hand, hurts creativity.  

If moving your office to a local coffee shop isn't an option, use this smart tool to recreate this kind of ambience and be more creative.

3. The matter of lighting
Lots of studies have shown that lighting matters – a lot! This research finding explicitly demonstrates that dim lighting tends to lower our productivity.

If your office is full of fluorescent lights, consider changing them to alternative light sources – people tend to get headaches from long exposure to this kind of lighting.

Make sure your office is full of light – both natural and artificial. It will help you read and give you that dose of energy to focus on your creative tasks.

4. Office aesthetics
Creatives are very sensitive to their environments – dull offices are bound to take a toll on their daily output. Add some great artwork on your walls, update features of your office you don't like anymore, get some new equipment to spice up the look of your desk, and put a plant here and there.

This study from the University of Georgia linked aesthetic quality of environment to greater achievement and better attitudes of their students. Channel your inspiration into the decor of your office and you'll soon see how it'll inspire you in return.

5. The psychology of color
Colors affect our perceptions, moods, and emotions. They even provoke physiological responses like increased heart rate. Green and blue are both colors of comfort. If you'd like your office to have a calming effect on your nerves, choose these colors for your artwork and decor elements.

Different colors communicate different messages, stimulating your creativity and helping you to be more productive. An expert in this field is a color psychologist Angela Wright. Have a look here at her theory – it will help you choose office colors that are just right for you.  

Introducing these small changes to your office, you'll be on your way to ensure that every day at the office is more productive and creative than ever. 

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Amelia Dermott is an author on Gumtree Australia. She specializes in career development, workplace productivity, and small business advice. She’s interested in entrepreneurship and photography.
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