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April 1, 2009
4 Fool Proof Ways to Create Wealth NOW !
I don't know about you, but I am personally fed up with all the newsletter's and emails from people and companies offering me their latest and greatest ideas, opportunities or products to improve my life. Recently, I was invited through a friend of a friend to sit in and observe the top five wealthiest masterminds in the world todiscuss the quickest and most effective strategies to create wealth NOW!
Here are your 4 Fool Proof Ways to Create Your Wealth Now, follow these and you will never look back!
1.This one is pretty simple and offers your greatest ROI with minimal effort.
All you need is a separation from your heart and mind and you are ready to go! First step is to create a fictitious bank in a third world country. Second, you want to send a compelling email to everyone you don’t know. Express that you are a wealthy individual who has lost a loved one and although you wanted to leave your inherited fortune to a good church you need assistance in paying the “legal fee’s” in order to release the money. In lieu of your generosity, you will be rewarded with a ROI of 10% plus your donation back.
2. Again, this is simple and will make you thousands before you first sip of Starbucks!Using only your brain and your CPU, create an email to everyone you don’t know asking for them to pay some “advanced fees in return for a guaranteed loan or credit card”. With a rocky economy and people losing their jobs and futures every day, people need hope and you can give that to them while creating a small fortune for yourself!
3. Similar to the first one, this one is a variety of it but whole and complete unto itself. Since everyone plays the lottery everyday all over the world, why not give someone the idea that they won. Cmon’ we are all a sucker for some good news and this can be your civic duty in bringing joy to another. Here is what you do, gather that list from the above ideas and send out an email expressing that they have won a lottery from a random online drawing based on a survey they took. In order for their winnings to be released to them, they must send a money order to a pre-arranged p.o. box and voila – you are set for life as you count the money pouring in.
4. This one is so easy it should be a crime. Set up a phony foundation and enlist donations regarding whatever real or fake disaster relief is needed. You call the disaster, the charities name and the entire show. People are a sucker for a good “tug at your heart” story.
Well, you now have the keys to castle!
I am genuinely excited for all the wealth you will create in the coming months. I mean, we can all use a boost in our wallet at this time and why not go after yours.
Lastly, if you send this message to ten people you know within the next ten minutes, you will find a pot of gold on your doorstep in the morning! Did I mention that it’s April Fools? Hmm, in the event I didn’t, let me say that I in no way endorse, condone or solicit anything I mentioned in this article and in no way support the ideas expressed or the means in which stated.
Are you still reading this?
You now have nine minutes and thirty seconds left or you will have ten years of bad luck.

April Fools

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Joshua Miller was a senior creative executive for over twelve years. He has worked in challenging creative environments in a variety of industries with a wide range of professionals. Currently, he is an executive and personal life coach and CEO/founder of myinstantCOACH.com.


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