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February 19, 2014
4 Document Management Secrets for Your HR Team
Let’s get some things straight about HR process automation:

Truth: Document management software helps you eliminate paper.
False: Carbon footprint is the #1 reason to invest in a document management system for your HR department.
Truth: There are tons of records management software solutions out there.
False: They all do the same thing.
Need some help navigating the sea of information management solutions? You’re not alone.
1. You are allowed to store HR records electronically, and have been for many years.
Many people believe that personnel files must be kept on paper, but this is simply not true. Electronic records management has been legal for over 25 years. Even the federal government stores its personnel records electronically.
Now, this doesn’t mean you should throw precautions (along with paper) to the wind. Establish your quality control procedures and ensure that they are followed appropriately. And when you begin working from the electronic version, get rid of the paper. If you keep the paper, it becomes the “official copy” instead of the electronic version.
2. I9s must have separate security to control who can access them, which is easily accomplished with the right electronic document management system. Since their access is much more restricted than the rest of your personnel files, I9s require separate physical space…in the paper world, that is. But when you tap into that condensed and controlled electronic world with document control software, easy security restrictions limit access without the need for separate space.
3. Document indexing is non-negotiable for quality control.
You must properly identify each document in your HR files so you’re able to search by any or all of the metadata; document type, date, file name, file contents, etc.
NO: Resist the urge to just put everything in a one folder, or even worse, a single file. When you go to look for a specific document, you’ll be wasting time flipping through pages upon pages of similar-looking documents. Plus, the larger the file gets, the longer it takes to locate the specific pages you need.

YES: Instead, tag each file with a defined document type along with other identifying information that allows you to locate specific files easily.
4. Alerting makes reviewing much easier and less time consuming.
You can automate your performance review process so that you don’t have to try to remember to do it. With an alerting system, your document management system can tell you when to perform the reviews. You electronically distribute them to the reviewers and even have reminders so that the get them done on time.
Don’t put your process automation on pause! Click Here to download DocuVantage’s free report: “Improving Information Movement with Workflow Software.”

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Jana Wiggins is the President and CEO of DocuVantage. A Tampa-based company, founded in 1999 that has grown from a document management and business process automation consulting services provider to creating their signature SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) Enterprise Document and Content Management software platform used by companies of every size and local, state and federal agencies. More about Jana can be found here: http://info.docuvantage.com/blog/bid/52554/DocuVantage-CEO-Profile-and-Thoughts.
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