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March 14, 2012
4.5 Ways to Increase Website Traffic
Did you know that you can actually impact the amount of traffic coming to your website? You can! It’s not all up to Google, Yahoo, or Bing. After all, you wouldn’t host a party without sending invitations.
Here are 4.5 things you can do right now to drive traffic to your website.

1. Become a guest blogger. There are many blogs that are actively searching for guest bloggers. By submitting blog copy to other sites, you are exposing your thought leadership to potentially hundreds of thousands of readers. Each of those readers could be a new visitor to your website. Almost all guest blog posts usually deliver at least a modest bump in website traffic.

2. Answer questions on industry, business, or related consumer sites that match your target market. In your answers, provide a prominent link back to your site OR offer additional content with a link to a dedicated landing page.

3. Submit your blog to blog directories. Oh yeah, you need a blog. Right now, Technorati is estimating there are 133 million blogs. There are a number of high-profile directories to help you find the best blogs. Submit your site and new visitors will find your site here.

4. Make sure your guest blog or your own blog content is being distributed via social media. The world is finding your website on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and other sites. Google is actually using content from these sites in its search results, so make sure your content is pushed out to all these outlets.

4.5 This extra half an item is about using all these together. There isn’t a “silver bullet” here; the more you do, the more traffic your site will see. So your best bet is to do all of the above.
Good news! We have more. If you want to learn 4.5 MORE WAYS to Increase Site Traffic and Page Rankings just click here to download our Free Report. In this report you will learn about the power of comments, how to use social media bookmarks, marketing software, videos, and more.  

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Mike Lieberman is Co-Founder and President of Square 2 Marketing. He created Reality Marketing™ and the concept of a Marketing Machine™ to help companies transform their invisible and boring businesses into extraordinary and remarkable revenue generating machines. Mike writes the popular Remarkablog and is co-author of Reality Marketing Revolution and Fire Your Sales Team Today.  Email Mike at mike@square2marketing.com or follow him on Twitter @Mike2Marketing.
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