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January 23, 2012
4.5 Reasons Being #1 on Google Isn’t Enough to Drive Leads
Do you think being #1 on Google is the end all and be all of search marketing? A lot of our clients tell us, “We need to be on the first page of Google.” But in the end, getting on the first page of Google isn’t even a relevant metric. After all, if NO ONE clicks on your link, how did that help you?  

Here are 4.5 reasons why being #1 on Google isn’t enough to drive leads.

1. Measure website traffic, not page rankings. If your website traffic is going up month over month and the improvements are significant, your marketing program is performing. 

2. Measure conversions. Yes, getting people to your site is important, but getting them to identify themselves is even more important. If your conversion rate is significantly improving month over month, your marketing is performing.

3. Measure ROMI (return on marketing investment). If it takes $1,500 a month to get on the first page of Google and drive 200 visitors to your website and you get four to convert into leads, you might be able to do better. What if you could do that with $250 a month? What if you could drive five or six times the traffic and improve the conversion rate by 100%? Your ROMI would go through the roof.

4. Look at the offers on your website. You need as many interesting offers as possible. No Risk, Low Risk, Direct Business Offers. We call that the Trio of Offers™ and these are the most important part of converting visitors into leads. If you don’t have them, add them. Watch the number of leads from your site improve immediately.

I know; that is only four and we promised 4.5. What does half of a reason look like? Here it is. 
4.5. Have a Get Found Plan. If you are like most of the marketing professionals we talk with you might already be executing SEO. But without the right Get Found Plan and Reality Marketing Strategy, getting the most from your investment might be challenging. A Get Found Plan includes understanding and creating the content you need to attract prospects to your business; it includes a sourcing effort to identify and put your content in front of prospects through the blogs, emails, and websites they already frequent; and it includes a conversion strategy that gets them to identify themselves when they visit your website. All this goes toward driving leads for your business. 

If you want to learn how to create a Reality Marketing strategy for your company and start building your own Marketing Machine, download our eBook, Strategy Before Tactics — a Guide for Entrepreneurs.

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Mike Lieberman is Co-Founder and President of Square 2 Marketing. He created Reality Marketing™ and the concept of a Marketing Machine™ to help companies transform their invisible and boring businesses into extraordinary and remarkable revenue generating machines. Mike writes the popular Remarkablog and is co-author of Reality Marketing Revolution and Fire Your Sales Team Today.  Email Mike at mike@square2marketing.com or follow him on Twitter @Mike2Marketing.
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