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January 8, 2014
11 Things to Re-Think in 2014
The more new work I see, the more same-y it always seems to seem.
Towards better work for you and me, I offer these:
1. Are you still putting websites and phone numbers in your ads?
Last time I checked, everyone has a mobile device and will look up your client's name and website and phone number really easily.
And if your client's name is hard to remember, or hard to find online, maybe fix that first.
2. Do you have to have a photograph? Often 1,000 amazing words are worth far more than an ordinary image.
3. Try using the world "love" in a new way. And definitely don't use it as in "I love my car." 
4. Tackle a serious social issue through your brand  — adopt a debatable issue and sponsor intelligent discourse and public problem solving via your own communications, events, films, and social media.
5. "All-new" is rarely either. So stop it already.
6. Post blank white images to help open up and clean up your follower's news feeds. Their eyes will thank you.
7. Don't add a veneer of seriousness or levity to a dull strategy. Being absolutely serious or funny is a strategy.
8. Dress differently. Seriously. Ever spend a day writing in swim fins? No, you haven't. So try it.
9. Use big words. Attract readers who read and are word curious — they'll make fine, prolific brand advocates. Obfuscate your strategy for doing thusly all you like.
10. If Seasick Steve can make an electric  guitar out of two hubcaps, what can you make an ad out of?
11. Try making a brand's Facebook page all videos. Or even all audio. But zero text. That'd be fun.
I could easily write hundreds more, but I've already given you quite a few free ideas to liven up your clients' strategies, communications, and hopefully the space between your ears.
Good luck to all.

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As a strategist, writer, designer, producer, director, actor, musician, performer, teacher, trainer and speaker, creative marketing was a potentially ideal career for Paul. Yet after years of winning dozens of global creativity awards with various agencies, Paul gave up the awards pursuit and became a professional human being.

Paul launched the1101experiment in 2001, focusing on bringing top-level strategy, creativity and multi-dimensional success to global brands, but with an added emphasis on positive ethical and social opportunities. Paul's thinking has been published worldwide and has predicted many global cultural shifts long before they happened. 
Paul leads a mastermind network of friends, colleagues and multi-talented professionals from around the world who are strategists, writers, artists, web, social and interactive specialists, who are involved on all client work.
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