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June 26, 2009
I do, I do, I Really-Really do!
I've written about the red flags in the interview process that should help you know when to run the other direction at the mention of a job offer.  Conversely, there are green flags and positive signs to look for which should help guide your decision making process as well.  I have witnessed so many mistakes companies make when hiring an employee but have also witnessed it done first-class with everyone very happy when all is said and done.  I've compiled a list below of the good signs.  And of course, to help relate them to scenarios you've probably been through, they have counterparts in the world of dating.

Honest first conversation.  There is a great start to some relationships where you (gasp) are actually honest and forthcoming.  It feels like the most natural in the world.  Interview processes can be that way too.  The expectations for the job are discussed, and compensation isn't taboo but actually pre-negotiated without vague promises akin to 'we'll take care of you, don't worry".  Very good sign.

No games played through the early stages.  A continuation of the honest start, when you get through those first few weeks of dating and there's not a hint of I'm-not-calling-first, or I-can't seem-desperate-so-I-will-pretend-I'm-busy you know you're on the right track.  When you find that you weren't kept waiting in the lobby for 25 minutes for your first interview, and then there are no re-schedulings of your subsequent meetings, things are going well.

Good chemistry.  We can all agree this goes without saying.  When you find it, you know it.  Just like meeting someone you know has what it takes to rev your engine, a great group of people to collaborate with should turn you in on in a similar fashion.  It's there, it's real, and when you find it you are a fool to let it slip through your hands.

Open discussions about the future.  One of the most frustrating realities of interviewing is not knowing what might come next and when.  But when you have a great liaison in HR or the Department Head is taking a personal interest in giving feedback about timelines, process, and next steps, interviewing is actually enjoyable.  When you've entered into a good relationship, you discuss your future desires (if you're ready for marriage, children, a new pet together - whatever) and it's a natural progression.   

Perfect proposal.  Whether it's Napa, the Brooklyn Bridge, or the spot of your first date, a perfect proposal helps set the stage for a good marriage.  It's an indicator of how well your partner knows you and your preferences, and when they get it right you just know to say 'yes'.  A smooth offer extension is a good sign that you should say yes too.  No lowballing, a first-class written offer inclusive of all pertinent information, and an enthusiastic request for your positive response are all indicators of a great organization who will likely care about you as an employee and make a nice place for you to call home for the foreseeable future.

When you experience most or all of these situations in the positive, you can feel relatively confident that you've found your next home.  Working for a first-class outfit that cares about its people is a big part of overall happiness in your life and when you find it, and enthsiastic YES! is in order.

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