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September 28, 2006
Opinion Article - Niche Job Boards Provide the Best Value For Employers

Don Firth, The Founder of Niche Jobboards.com

When it comes to job boards, volume isn’t everything. Instead, recruiters should focus on more precise data in deciding which boards provide the best value in the form of the number of qualified applications per job advertisement, says the leading association of targeted employment Web sites in the U.S.

Based on this criterion, niche job boards are more effective than larger, generalist employment Web sites. These niche boards attract a higher concentration of qualified job seekers than generalists because they allow potential candidates to pinpoint openings faster. Job seekers covet easy access to job ads, articles and other content that may help them find the best position. Generalist sites are more difficult to navigate because they serve many different industries. Specific career opportunities are clustered in more general categories, requiring candidates to search through hundreds of irrelevant jobs to find pertinent career opportunities.

"At a time when companies are scrutinizing their spending on recruiting activities, they want to maximize their exposure to the best candidates," said Don Firth, the founder of Nicheboards.com and two of its member sites, JobsInLogistics.com and AllRetailJobs.com. Niche boards consistently provide more high-quality candidates per job ad than any other resource - Internet or otherwise. That’s why they offer the best value to employers trying to assemble the best possible workforces."

What may surprise many employers is that niche boards draw more targeted traffic per job ad than the generalist boards. As an example, JobsInLogistics.com, which serves the transportation and logistics industries, attracts 80 visitors per job ad over the course of a month. In comparison, CareerBuilder draws only 15 visitors per job ad.

"In some cases, employers may receive fewer candidates from niche boards than the generalist boards," said Joe Folan, Marketing Manager of TalentZoo.com, the leading advertising and marketing job board. "However, the strongest value proposition we offer is that practically all the candidates from the leading niche boards are quality and pertinent to the job at hand.This saves the employer time by not having to pour through a horde of unqualified resumes and can focus on the best talent for their needs at the time. "

Nicheboards.com members draw about 3 million monthly visitors and list more than 100,000 jobs in targeted areas. Revenues have grown by double-digits annually since the group was founded in 2001. Because of its size, and the key industries and companies that its members serve, the Nicheboards.com is considered a leading authority on hiring trends.

TalentZoo.com has announced that it will now offer its career services and job board to the PR, Publishing and Broadcasting industries in order to better service the complete communications industry. Talent Zoo currently has 25% of it’s job board comprised of these jobs and has over 10,000 targeted resume accounts in these new industries. "These additions will continue to make Talent Zoo the nation’s leading communications industry job board and career services organization," says Michelle Shell, Online Sales Manager for TalentZoo.com.

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