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Metabolic Living

Title: Director of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) & Growth Hack
Location: Anywhere

Employer Description

Hello, my name is Marc Stockman, co-founder and CEO of Metabolic Living, and I need your help.
If you’re obsessed with UX, UI, growth hacking and optimizing direct-to-consumer landing pages and website funnels with high volume A/B split testing… AND get freakishly excited about conversion rates, AOV, EPC, upsells, cross-sells, order bumps, subscriptions, page speed, bounce rates… AND you have that unique combination of an aesthetic eye, sharp copywriting skills and technical expertise… AND can easily flex your strategic, creative and analytical/engineering parts of your brain, let’s talk.

We both know how difficult it is to hire just the right person for this opportunity, so if this message connects deeply with you, please read on.  This is not a junior position; this is an attractive opportunity for a high-caliber, senior talent to 100% own our optimization efforts and build things out the right way, with the right team and the right culture.  We only want to work with the best of the best as we have an intense environment of high-volume split testing.  If you’re extremely detail-oriented, have ability to detect patterns easily and implement swiftly, you’ll love this.

Over the last 10 years we’ve built a profitable, multiple 8-figure direct-to-consumer metabolic optimization company with 100+ team members.  We spend $2 million a month on video ads on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.  As such, we heavily optimize every page and pixel in our direct response funnels. 
Our goal is to build a $1 billion dollar consumer brand by 2023 and having a top-notch funnel optimization expert to lead our funnel optimization and CRO efforts is key.  We’re launching our new e-commerce brand, Metabolic Living, in 2 months and will need heavy traditional e-commerce optimization for that site as well.  Lastly, our mobile app will be launching later this year and there will be a heavy optimization component to that also.  In spite of the current pandemic, our business is thriving, as our core business sells precisely what people are demanding most.

If you LOVE every aspect of website (or app) funnel optimization and crave the opportunity to make an impact working with a team that’s leaning into a meaningful mission, and…
  • You LOVE to research meticulously to figure out what makes consumers tick…
  • You LOVE writing short copy that inspires people to take action…
  • You LOVE geeking out on pixels, page speed and browser/device compatibility…
  • You LOVE pouring through reams of data to pinpoint the signal in the noise…
  • You LOVE collaborating with cross-functional teams to deliver the goods…
  • You LOVE consumer psychology and have a continuous appetite to learn more…
  • You LOVE tinkering and testing and get bothered by things that don’t feel right…
Then please read on and apply ASAP as you’re the ideal candidate :-)

To summarize the key points:
  • Salary: $100,000 - $175,000 (plus bonus)
  • Location: 100% Remote (virtual team of 100+ with no corporate office)
  • Benefits: Full Insurance (health, dental & long-term disability) + Robust 401k
  • Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 (preferably Eastern time but flexible for right candidate)
  • Travel: Occasionally for Strategic Meetings or Team Get-togethers
  • Culture: High-Performance but Humble (no jerks) that Creates Space for Deep Work
  • Personality: Obsessed with Details so We can Simplify the Complex for Others
Who is This Opportunity Perfect for?

This is the perfect opportunity for a high-caliber funnel optimization, CRO, UX/UI expert with at least 5 years’ experience, an unstoppable inner drive for excellence and who might relate to any of these:

If you’re drowning in the corporate or agency world, suffocating from lack of clarity, incessant scope creep, micromanaging bosses, endless meetings, constant interruptions and no respect for the quiet time you need to actually get work done, this is your opportunity to simplify and go deep – to pour your heart and soul into ONE big opportunity… and scale it like never before.

Or, if you’ve tried the freelance thing, but found it challenging or simply not fun doing the sales and marketing piece to land new clients so you could provide yourself or your family with a steady income, this is your opportunity find a long-term home with an organization who cares and who will constantly put fun, meaningful and challenging projects on your plate to keep things exciting and interesting.

Or, if you’ve been at a fast-growing start-up, but they haven’t turned the corner and learned how to grow without the stress, how to deliver results without working past 5 p.m., how to not burn the candle at both ends, how to create a profitable business model that doesn’t depend on the whims of VC or PE world to provide the next round of funding… this is your opportunity to take back control, live life under your own terms and design a lifestyle that brings you joy, happiness and satisfaction.

Regardless of your situation, whether you prefer to work in the quiet of your own home, sipping a delicious cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop, or outside enjoying the sunshine on a bright, beautiful day… AND you are a humble, high-performing individual who would THRIVE in this type of environment, then please read on, as we can’t wait to meet you.
Who Are We and What’s the Company’s Background?
Metabolic Living’s mission is to empower people to thrive EVERY day so they can enjoy life to the fullest.  And our vision is to do this by making our metabolism-first lifestyle become the worldwide standard for healthy living.  It’s a flexible, fun lifestyle that’s 100% focused on delivering the results that matter:  feeling your best, looking your best and performing your best. In the shortest time possible.

It puts YOU back in control.  It helps YOU understand how your body and metabolism works.  It empowers YOU to fix your own problems.  And because it alleviates the frustration and confusion so many of us experience when trying to fix our health, it makes you want to tell the world about it.
Our goal is to grow into a billion-dollar multi-channel brand that’s distributed via online, mobile and physical retail.  For 10 years, we’ve been painstakingly building the products, services, framework, team and culture to make this happen.  We have a robust, mature, complete and profitable business model with scalable customer acquisition.  And now we’re pushing into a massive new growth phase.

We’ve built a full ecosystem of products that allow someone to live a metabolism-first lifestyle.  This includes exercise and nutrition programs, nutraceuticals, functional foods, memberships and coaching programs.  We’re launching our mobile app later this year, then will push into offline retail, extend into home-delivered meals and more.  But ONE thing at a time, just like we’ve done for 9 years.

Our next major step is rolling out our new Metabolic Living brand and centralized e-commerce website at www.metabolicliving.com, scheduled to be live in first half of 2020.  We will consolidate into this centralized website our various product-branded microsites.

So why is a metabolism-first lifestyle needed?  Because there are record amounts of sick, overweight, tired and depressed people piling up around the world.  We’re over-worked, over-stressed, over-fed and full of toxins.  And we’re deprived of the sleep, nutrition, movement and relaxation we need to thrive.
Unfortunately, the typical solution of extreme dieting and exercise traps people into a 1-step-forward, 2-steps back vicious cycle that makes them worse off.  They bounce from one latest flavor-of-the-month program to the next, never making progress… trapped in a downward spiral of increasing desperation.
And philosophies like Paleo or Vegan, while extremely healthy for some, create a rigid us-vs-them tribal mentality that’s self-limiting.  Neither of those philosophies work for all people all the time… or even the same person all the time.  People differ.  Bodies change.  If that’s not respected, things will backfire.

The answer?  Instead of trying to FIND the perfect program, you need to CREATE their own – one that respects how YOUR body works.  And that’s where our metabolism-first framework comes in.

It empowers you with a repeatable, customizable method to optimize your metabolism.  Because we’ve found through working with millions of people that a fully optimized metabolism is what delivers the results everyone wants – feeling their best, looking their best and performing their best, EVERY day.
So, instead of fighting against your body and getting inconsistent results with a one-size fits all program or protocol, we teach you to work with your body to enjoy consistent results by building your OWN perfect customized program.  One that’s practical, enjoyable and sustainable… and starts working fast.

What Are the Major Objectives?
  • Deliver Test Wins – Whether it’s on landing, product, cart, checkout, upsell, confirmation or other pages, your #1 objective is to deliver quality split tests that win as measured by our KPIs
  • Build High Volume Testing Machine – The key to sustained success is high volume of testing, so you’ll do what it takes to build the team and systems to deliver a high quantity of tests
  • Establish Pipeline & Roadmap – Deep dive on our funnels to identify the top priorities and establish a strategic road map to take care of the lowest hanging fruit first
  • Post-Mortem Analysis – You’ll analyze the data from all tests write up detailed analyses that teases out the “what and why” findings so you and your team can learn and improve
  • Establish Collaborative Rhythms – You’ll establish key rhythms with copy, design, tech, QA and other key team members to ensure smooth cross-functional delivery of all tests
  • Build Systems and SOPs – You’ll bring cultural & creative uniformity through the development of SOPs, workflows and other systems so your team operates efficiently and effectively
  • Map Personas & Journeys – Create detailed personas and map the ideal journeys they go through, integrating strategy with funnel architecture to deliver an optimal CX
What are the On-going Responsibilities?
  • Strategy – You’ll collaborate with senior leadership to set the overall strategic vision for testing relying on both research and intuition to prioritize tests with highest likelihood of success
  • Analysis – You’ll dive DEEP into our previous split test data to see what works and what doesn’t, identifying the patterns of success to capitalize one, and the mistakes to avoid
  • Test Builds – You’ll collaborate with copy, design, video, and tech to get funnel pages and split tests built on time, on spec, aligned with our strategic vision and using best practices
  • Monitoring – You’ll setup monitoring systems to ensure we stay on top of all the split tests running, declaring winners based on pre-set criteria and then launching the next test up
  • Prioritization – You’ll ruthlessly prioritize split testing ideas to focus on those tests deemed to have the highest potential impact in the least time with the least effort
  • Project Management – You’ll be the single point of accountability for delivering all split tests, quarterbacking everything across teams to ensure everyone delivers as needed
  • Routine Auditing – We all know things break, so you’ll routinely perform audits of key conversion points and setup automated systems to detect when something breaks

What Key Skills and Experience Does the Ideal Candiate Need?
  • 5+ Years’ Experience – As a funnel optimization/CRO/UX UI lead in a high-volume split testing environment that’s been exposed to the firehouse of high volume paid media buys
  • Unquenchable Curiosity – It’s impossible for you to stop asking why, why, why… or what if, what if, what if… and you get very antsy, almost to the point of impatience, for the next test
  • Gifted Page Builder – You know how to architect web / mobile pages that are simple and instantly connect with consumers in a way that motivates and inspires them to take action
  • Strategic Marketer – You have a passion for consumer psychology and have developed a strong gut sense and intuition about what works due to years of in-the-trenches testing
  • Multi-Talented – You can easily float from data analysis to creative development, from tactical to strategic, from copy to design, from nerdy technical details to strategic aesthetics
  • Results-Focus – Passionate about the net effect of the split tests… not how pretty they are, not how hard you worked, not how excited you are about then… but whether they got results
  • Data-Driven – Extremely comfortable flexing the analytical side of your brain with a passionate for pouring through reams of response data to detect patterns of success to replicate
  • Systems-Oriented – You’ve got strong organizational skills and love to create order out of chaos with highly organized systems that deliver sustained success, regardless of who is in charge
  • Analytics-Savvy – You excel at analytics, whether using Google Analytics, another CRO-specific analytics tool, or spreadsheets… you have a knack for quickly getting the data you need

What You'll Enjoy from Us:
  • A Curated Team - A very supportive team of other high-performers who like to get things done, hold themselves accountable and help each other out wherever possible.
  • A Nurturing Culture - A culture that supports and nurtures your need to learn, grow and challenge yourself to be the best you possibly can be.
  • A Fantastic Lifestyle – A 100% remote experience that allows you to work from home, enjoy your family, outside interests and passions

If this sounds like a good fit, if you’re excited to do something challenging and meaningful that preserves your ability to enjoy life to the fullest, then please apply ASAP as we can’t wait to meet you!

The Scoop
Primary Industry: New Media - UX/UI
Secondary Industry: New Media - Other
Career Level: Mid Level Career (5+ yrs experience)
Job Status: Full Time
Salary Range: $100,000 - $175,000
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