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Original articles from Barry Eisenman.
8 Steps to Maximizing Your Workday: Part 2
Burnout can happen over the course of a day, or even over a year. When you can feel stress closing in, don’t be afraid to stand up and take a walk. Clear your head and come back to your work refreshed. If you experience burnout over a long period, schedule your vacation days in advance so you can have a few days to decompress. When you let yourself refresh for work, your productivity increases dramatically and the quality of your output is better!

8 Steps to Maximizing Your Workday: Part 1
Do you ever have workdays when you come into the office, determined to knock out a list of tasks — then, before you know it, the end of the day has rolled around and not only have you barely touched your to-do list, it’s actually gotten longer. Often, the culprit is too much time spent checking emails, chatting with officemates, or just trying to get organized in the first place. Although every person’s organizational structure is different, a few basic steps will help you get your daily schedule into shape so you can achieve more tasks in less time.

Elevating the Visual Impact of Your Brand
Building a visually powerful brand should be one of the key business objectives of any company, whether a startup or one with a long history. Why? Because your brand touches and impacts every aspect of your business, from attracting and retaining customers and generating revenue to distinguishing you from your competitors. ​We’d like to share with you what we’ve learned in the past year about our company and our brand.

Create Your Visual Brand in 8 Steps
Our industry, point of purchase display, is archaic. If you look through various websites within the industry, you will find sites that look old fashioned and are all very similar. There are no real differentiators or “wow factors” between the sites, other than the logos. For the past four months, we have been redesigning our website to stand out amongst the competition while creating a more visual brand.


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