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Original articles from Joyce Morse.
​Should You Pick a Niche?
When considering a new path in your creative career, you have to look at what makes sense in today's world. Changes in technology, along with other influences, have a big impact on the growth potential for some industries and career options. Remember that every industry has marketing, advertising, public relations, digital and social media opportunities, or even entire departments. Should you get specific about the niche you want to enter, instead of remaining either broad-scoped or agency side?

This is Why Companies are Hiring
If you're looking for a job, you are always looking for a way to get an edge on the competition - especially in an economy where there are more applicants than job openings. One of the keys is to understand why companies are hiring and how you can fit in with their reasons.

​Recruiting Big Data in the Hiring Process
Many large corporations have seen the advantages of using big data, even in the hiring process. However, the benefits are not just for big companies; small businesses can also reap the rewards.

Video Interviews Taking Flight
The Internet has increased efficiency and improved communication for many businesses. One way that is happening is through videoconferencing for job interviews. This is not just a global phenomenon when you are hiring someone from across the country; it is also being done for local and statewide job applications.

Should a Criminal Past Prevent a Hire?
It's just one little box on an application. It asks if you have ever been convicted of a felony. What an applicant puts as the answer can have a big impact on a business. If your company has never had this experience, do you know what you would do?

Are Benefits Keeping You From Your Dream Job?
According to a survey done by Monster.com, health insurance was the most important benefit offered to employees. It was ranked highest by 32% over vacation time at 26%. The deciding factor in which job was accepted often came down to the benefits, and health coverage in particular.

How Would You Rate Your Customer Service?
Customer service can make or break a company. That is why you should place adequate emphasis on its importance with your employees and focus on it more as the owner or manager. In fact, according to one study, 89% of consumers have switched companies they do business with after they were the victim of bad customer service.

Do Babies and Careers Mix?
While expecting a baby can be an exciting time as you prepare to welcome a new little one into your home, it can also be a stressful time in regards to your career. You may be worried about how this transition into motherhood will affect your career and what can you can expect. With that in mind, what should be your top priorities moving forward?

Keeping Financially Afloat After a Layoff
Major companies said goodbye to workers via layoffs during 2013. Corporations like Boeing, Cisco Systems, and many others sent people home en masse. Even smaller companies had to hand out the pink slips to their workers even though they didn't garner as much attention as the big names.

Are Your Employees Part of the Hiring Process?
Finding the best talent can be a challenge for any business in any industry. With more people looking for jobs today, the competition is often quite fierce to land the top employees. One way to find those hidden gems is by utilizing your current employees in your hiring process.

Should HR Prevent Office Romances?
Office romances make for an enticing plot in movies and television programs. However, the real-world situation is just as popular. In fact, Vault.com did a survey a couple of years ago that showed as many as 59% of people admitted to dating someone they worked with at least once. Another study completed by CareerBuilder showed that 30% of those romances led to marriage. So, the question many HR managers and business owners may be asking is whether they should allow these relationships or ban them.

Avoid Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Dealing with sexual harassment is a fact of life for any business that hires employees. It is important to establish guidelines and know ahead of time how you will deal with any issues. If you have a Human Resources department, they will be responsible for the training and policies for this subject.

Driving Off With the Right Employees
Hiring delivery employees for your business can be challenging. After all, they will be the face of your company to many customers. How they interact with people will be a key consideration. However, safety, timeliness, and a clean driving record are also essential qualities to look for in delivery staff.


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