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Original articles from Heather Legg.
Time to Call it a Career?
Whether it's due to retirement or other reasons, sometimes people need to leave their careers on hold without another one to take its place. What happens now? Perhaps your savings is okay, but what about health insurance?

Are You Selling Out for the Benefits?
Sometimes people don't love their jobs, but stay anyway. A paycheck is one of the essentials for most people, after all. Another essential many receive from employment is benefits, especially those tied to health care.

The Benefits of Making the Right Hire
As a business owner or hiring manager, finding and hiring the right person for each position is key to creating a successful team. The debate is constant. Do you hire someone with experience and years behind them, or hire a fresh college graduate, with new ideas and excitement, but no experience?

Why Clothing Can Make or Break the Interview
According to a Forbes article, statistics show that first impressions are made within the initial 30 seconds of a job interview. And yes, appearance and wardrobe choices play a big part in the hiring decision. You've worked so hard to get that interview; make sure you play it to your advantage by dressing the part. Business professional is the way to go for most any type of interview.

Hiring the Overqualified
You've found just the right employee. He or she's smart, together, has a great work ethic and dynamic personality...and is overqualified for the job. But they’ll take it. Now it's your decision. Should you hire them, or will this just end in disaster as he or she gets bored in the job and doesn't find it challenging enough to stay or even put forth their best effort?

To Catch an Office Thief
Here comes what you, as an employer, have dreaded. You think one or more of your employees is stealing. No matter what it may be, it’s cause for action. It could be that they’re taking the office supplies home or are somehow stealing money (through fraudulent expenses, etc.) or even sensitive data. Whatever the case, you’ve got to do something as uncomfortable as it may be.

Should You Hire Someone Who's Been Fired Elsewhere?
So you've found the perfect job candidate and are thinking of hiring him. But wait; he or she’s been fired previously. What should you do? Should you still consider hiring them or run in the other direction for fear their incompetence will resurface and you'll just have to fire them as well?

Why Clothing Can Make or Break the Interview


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