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Original articles from Suzanne Ritchie.
Celebrate Our Country's Independence... and Your Own Dependence!
We live in a society that values independence so much, that we see any kind of dependence as a weakness. In our me-me-me culture, we believe that maturity and self-sufficiency are one and the same.

Celebrate Our Country's Independence... and Your Own Dependence!
It's time to celebrate our independence, something our culture reveres and holds dear. But is total independence a personal goal as well? Or are we that much stronger when we depend on others, especially at work?

5 Reasons to Hire a Copywriter
Many companies struggle with whether or not they should hire a professional copywriter to create marketing collateral, write print or online articles, or compose the sales letter that goes to their clients. Especially in a time when many companies are number crunching, this becomes a big debate — usually between the marketing manager, who understands the significance, and the CEO who doesn't.

The Absolute Best Job Search Tips for Today's Competitive Market
No matter how brilliant you are, no matter how talented and qualified, the current job market is such that every job you apply for carries stiff competition. To land a job and make it a good one, you will need to work many angles to get those odds in your favor.

New Year, Employee Resolutions…Uh-Oh
It always happens in January: My phone rings off the virtual hook, my inbox swells, my mailbox fills up. Why, you ask? Well, because people have made their New Year’s resolutions, and finding a new, better paying job with a more promising future is ever on the list.

Prepping for a Career in SEO
All companies want to appear first on Google and in other searches, which means the demand for search engine optimization specialists is ever growing. Those looking to move into this niche can do so by focusing on a few key strategies.


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