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Original articles from Karen Kwarta.
On the Path to Finding Happiness: Part 6
With MEC’s “Inspire Happiness” course coming to a close, I want to take a moment to reflect on my journey. While my days remain extremely busy as I balance both my career and personal obligations, I have graduated not only with a new set of tools and techniques to apply to my everyday life, but also a new outlook of the meaning of happiness. When I started this course, I thought happiness was something that was directly correlated to an event, something that we couldn’t control.

On the Path to Finding Happiness: Part 5
For today’s post, I wanted to offer you a different perspective on the subject of happiness. Executive coach and happiness expert Helen Mumford Sole, who has been leading our MEC “Inspiring Happiness” course, has explored the many facets of happiness from positive psychology, medical research, quantum physics, and Eastern mysticism to the extensive world of the self-help movement. Helen shares with us why it is so important to “inspire happiness” in our employees, as well as the correlation between optimism and happiness.

On the Path to Finding Happiness: Part 4
It’s been about two weeks of keeping my gratitude journal, and already I recognize how much more aware I am of my happiness levels on a day-to-day basis. By taking the time to write at least one thing down each night, and focusing in on my accomplishments, I feel more empowered and optimistic both in my personal and professional life. For anyone who took my advice, I hope you are finding this approach useful in exercising your gratitude muscle.

On the Path to Finding Happiness: Part 3
The third session of MEC’s Happiness course was titled “The Reptilian Brain, Gratitude, and Love.” I arrived ready to talk about gratitude and love, since they are both obvious topics directly correlated to happiness. But I wondered to myself, what did the reptilian brain have to do with our journey?

On the Path to Finding Happiness: Part 2
My second week participating in MEC’s Happiness Program started off great, or so I thought. I arrived on Monday morning with a smile on my face, excited to hear what Helen would be teaching us this week. I was completely engaged, rarely checking my Blackberry during the two-hour session. After class, I found myself settling in at my desk, ready for the positive week ahead. Only 30 minutes passed before I received upsetting news that threatened to turn my positivity upside down.

On the Path to Finding Happiness: Part 1
The first time I saw Life Coach Helen Mumford Sole speak about the topic of workplace happiness was following one of the happiest times of my life; she gave a motivational talk at my company’s all-staff meeting last June, which happened to be my first day back to work after my honeymoon. My husband and I had just spent two weeks in Africa and I was still basking in the glow of newlywed bliss.


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