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Original articles from Richard Laermer.
What to Expect in 2012 (Aside from a Crappy Economy)
I’ve been known to be a bit of a reluctant soothsayer and this coming year is the one that, well, I’m saying a lot about: A lot of the “big stuff” that everyone’s been waiting around for (not hovercrafts, no) will begin to emerge around 2012.

Bad News Is Good News: Jump on the Wagon
Bad shit is everywhere. It’s unavoidable. The economy is in shambles, we still have millions of Americans without health insurance, unemployment sits at 9.2%, 43 out of 50 states are operating on a budget deficit, the Kardashians are still talking, our weather is unbearable, and I just learned that iTunes is no longer renting TV shows!

Fame as a Verb: How You Can Get There
Most of us type or talk without making an impression. Why bother if it all doesn't add up to something? Doesn't matter what you aspire to — be it in business, a hobby, or a relationship — you want to be the “go-to” person who makes the moves because others let them!

The New Low in Business Etiquette: Stealing Without Aplomb
Like you, everything I do is personal. But when folks start ripping off business from me and making my industry look bad by the manner in which the thievery is committed, I decide to take action.

It's a Brand New Bag for PR Pros
It’s a new world, baby! As we get to the bottom of the first month of the new decade (the world did not start at zero), changes are afoot for PR practice pros, and faster than ever before.

Hello. Welcome to 2011. Let's Get Started!
People have been waiting to start anew. We wish to take up the challenges—tall, grande and venti—that we have put off since we started a decade that was, at best, less meaningful than the prior ones. We won’t get on with progress until we have the excuse of a new decade. It’s here now.

You Know Nothing About Quid Pro Quo! (A Rant From Me)
Back when we sent messages through the U.S. mail, oh about a million years ago, it was possible to think through precisely what we wanted to say. Now, our written communication is disposable.

Moby Died for Our Sins: The Fabulousness of Selling Out
No one bothers to bat an eyelash when people "sell out," because the mere idea of selling out is marrying the American Dream to American Laziness.

Six Signs the Recession Is Ramming Us Once More
Here is a look at how to recognize that we are back in the throes of a tough time, when we need to rely on our own instincts.

Then the Bullsh*t Stopped
Most people have yet to learn there is a yawning gap between writing and typing.

How to Fame
Today, standing out means standing up and beating competitors to the punch -- doing homework and/or research.

What's More Important: Your Services or Your Personality?
Building media awareness about your business, rather than yourself, is the newest way to drive deals.

In the Digital Age, There's a New Way to Say Shove It!
Forget your old conceptions of the workplace and imagine a place that happens to be where you work, where you can make bargains with your employer based on the fact that, really, you don’t have to work there. Because you found a place that lets you work at home: a home environment that you design with ease!

Communications For Marketers 2010: Find Trends or Go Home
Today, if you sell anything for a living, you need to look through the news in all its myriad forms to understand how an idea becomes newsy—or water cooler talk—in first place. It’s all about finding the right trend—being on top of everything.

Moby Died For Our Sins: How “Selling Out” Is Pretty Fabulous!
You won’t bat an eyelash when people "sell out” today because in 2010 the mere idea of selling out is marrying American Dream to American Laziness. Why do more for less when you can get more for less?

“Wimplash”—The Real Reason for the Recession
It is easy to curl into the fetal position and wait out until the warmer economy bubbles up, but if you do you are missing out! You see, friends, recession actually creates opportunity.

Can We Stop Talking About Personal Branding?
“Personal Branding” is a term that gets bandied about at every cocktail party despite not having any real discernible meaning. We know the purpose of branding products: to sell them to their market. What exactly does it mean to have a personal brand, though?

The Recession Needs Balls: A Handy Guide
Laziness equals self-importance during a crap economy. If you think somehow things will magically change overnight--look Ma, Dow moved a notch--then you live in a fantasy land and the faster you wake up and stop paying attention to the Gosselins and DO SOMETHING the better it is for and your bank statement.

If My Competitors Are Crap It Brings Down My Industry - True?
Corporate reputation is now a buzz phrase and years ago it was actually something entities aspired to. It mattered how folks saw you—even in the minutest way.

The Pitch That Cried Wolf
You know if you’re doing PR there’s danger whenever you push the Send key. There are only so many reporters and bloggers covering the field or industry you play in, whether it’s automotive technology, software, clothing, or architectural design.

Could It Be? Is PR Becoming Unnecessary?
In years past, the "science" of PR was seen as a sham that we could put over on whoever contracted us. We did our jobs and, as long as we were charming and insouciant, most clients seemed to think we were in the way or a nuisance.

There Is No Such Thing as a Free Launch!
It’s time all service people ceased their self-important chatting about “The Launch.” In the brave new technologically driven world, we should know better.Everyone realizes the Beta no longer exists...

No You Didn’t!
Letters were angry about the piece last week titled “It’s Bad, It’s Bad…” that said that you got full-on care about your job –and prove it daily – because I said that following certain hard rules was the one way to stay in the position you’re in.

It's Bad, It's Bad - And That's Good!
You're doomed and so am I. We are really reeling. The money just is not coming in like it used to. These are the times when you got to stop whining and do something.

Tic, Tac, Dumb
I am honestly surprised how asleep at the wheel the Ferrero USA company is - makers of Orange Tic Tacs – considering the little gems are a main character in this flick, and not since “My Big Fat Greek TV Movie” and the Considine’s obsession with Windex, has a major American non-paid product placement been featured so “cool-y” in a major motion picture.

Think About Skies—Then Go Through Them
Companies should view rough economic eras like this one as a gift. Slower pace of activity means, ahh, companies can take a step back and reevaluate what they are doing and how they are doing it.

Introducing “Bad News Bores”
I noticed it first at a Kwanzaa party late last year. Having trouble keeping myself amused, I started quizzing those holding drinks and discovered that everyone there was kind of "into" news and recent events.

Old Journalism’s Demise: Good News for Us!
I am writing to you from 35,000 feet where American and something badly branded as Go Go In Flight has given me access to the Internet. I mean, welcome to the 2000s right?

The Good News about Being Alerted
Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap tall buildings. Check your inbox. It's a Google Alert! Taking us to infinity and beyond. (Perhaps I'm messing up my hero references.)

And I Quote…
Some thoughts for us.

Musical Chairs Has Begun: Best of Luck
Oh my, it’s happening already. Service people in service businesses are looking for new jobs in a time of economic weakness. Smells a lot like the spirit of 2000. It’s a dangerous proposition, too, filled with greed and disaster looming. I remember it well…

Am I Off? Oh Who Can Tell…: The New Vacation Not!

Short(s) Cuts: What Gap's Failures Teach the World About Business
Businesses need to pay attention to The Gap's advertising so they all don’t end up a joke like The Gap has become.

Short(s) Cuts: What Gap's Failures Teach the World About Business

Bandwagoning Means Never Having to Say You Did It

Kinda Be My Friend (A Cautionary List)

We Get Letters, Boy

"Why's Everybody Always Pickin' On Me?" My Impressions of Generation Broke

Way of the Future Will Be no CC'ing. Whatsoever.

We Are Not Alone

Take This Job and... You Know the Rest

Hi-Tech: Gee, It's The New "New & Improved"

On Writing Poorly: Singing out for the Day when anyone Takes the Language Seriously

Cut the Crap and Just Jump into Risk

Machiavellian Skin: How I Nearly Got Hoodwinked by a Guy Who Knew Too Much

A Barrage of Convenience: Hollywood’s Non-Punk Sensibility

Time to Work: My Motto for June

Stories of HR: Human Resources in Sore Need of an Upgrade

It's Like That? Lessons This Service CEO Got from Shelling Out for Something Similar

Welcome to Bait & Switch: Yes, I'm Talking to You

Sorry, Big Doesn't Get the Job Done

Service, Thy Name Is Customer.

The Lies of PR: Is That Your Final Answer?
How did lying become so fashionable — again?! Lately it appears everyone has foregone lessons of our recent forefathers (Mr. WorldCom, Mr. Rigas, and MS Living) and straight back to “what can I get away with” time.


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