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Original articles from Angie Mansfield.
How Important Are Workplace Reviews to Your Career?
Your performance review can have a major impact on your career — either positive or negative. A good review can improve your job security and may even score you a promotion, while a bad review may mean you'll have to wait an entire year to make another case for a raise. How can you prepare for your next review to make sure it's a good one?

Put Some Heart into Hiring the Right Employees
Having a healthy workforce is crucial to maintaining your company's productivity. Whether it's absenteeism (and the related cost of paid sick days), or just lost focus due to health issues, employee illness can put a serious dent in your bottom line.

Should You Offer Your Workers Educational Classes?
Offering your employees continuing education can be a great way to improve productivity, morale, and employee loyalty. Just as with any benefit you offer to your workers, there are pros and cons, and rules you'll have to follow.

Am I Saving All I Can from Uncle Sam?
As a creative freelancer, you just want to do your work and get paid. That's why you turned to freelancing in the first place, right? The problem is, a lot of freelancers have never had to deal with self-employment tax before — and if you don't educate yourself on the rules, along with the various tax credits you're now entitled to, you might end up giving Uncle Sam more than his fair share.

5 Ways to Become a Green Freelancer
With Earth Day coming up on April 22, it's a great time to think about how eco-friendly your freelance business is. Sure, as a freelancer you're probably saving a lot of gas from not having to drive to work every day...but are you causing even more waste with the way you do business?

5 Ways to Handle a Layoff or Firing
Terminating an employee, whether by layoff or firing, is never a pleasant task. For the employee, a poorly handled termination can add insult to already painful injury. Here's how to go about it without fanning the emotional flames — and with less chance of a lawsuit.


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