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Original articles from Roger Marquis.
Stop Using QR Codes, Now!
For the past several years, I have been an advocate of QR Codes, as well as other print-to-digital technology, for marketing, advertising and promotion purposes but, when I see a company use a QR Code in the way described below, the first thought that comes to mind is to say to the company's marketing team, "Stop using QR Codes, now!"

QR Codes: To Support or Promote?
When using QR Codes in a campaign, marketers need to ask themselves this critical question: When the QR Code is scanned, is the ensuing experience meant to support or promote the product or service, or both? It's a simple question, but after reviewing literally hundreds of QR Code-based campaigns, it seems as though most marketers never seem to ask it.

What Agencies Need to Know About Print to Mobile
As mobile continues to grow, develop, and solidify itself as a key marketing channel, advertising agencies, among others, continue to debate whether or not print to mobile technology (i.e., 2D bar codes, digital watermarks, visual search recognition, intelligent print recognition, augmented reality, etc.) has a place within a client’s marketing mix or not. While some believe the technology has staying power, others see it as nothing more than a passing fad and look to stay away at all cost.


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