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Original articles from Mike Lieberman.
How to Crack the Code to Inbound Marketing
Inbound marketing offers an alternative. The challenge with inbound marketing is that it’s new. People don’t understand it. Marketers don’t know how to put a comprehensive inbound marketing program together because there are very few practical examples of exactly how to do it.

What Big Bird Knows About Inbound Marketing
Big Bird made headlines worldwide when he was mentioned at a recent presidential debate. It seemed like a good time to recognize Big Bird for his abilities as a premier inbound marketer. Big Bird is one of the nicest, seven-foot, yellow birds around. Inbound marketers are part of a community that treats prospects with respect by educating, advising, coaching, and counseling them.

SEO and Social Media are in Love
Google, Yahoo!, and Bing are in love with social media. Why not? We’re in love with it, too. How can 500 million users be wrong? But if these major search engines are going to be serving up social content and using social media when determining how to rank their search results, business owners, marketing professionals, and executives better know what we need to do to say on the first page.

Fire Your Sales Team Today!
If you’re like most business owners, CEOs, or marketing professionals, you might have felt like firing your sales people at least once in your career. Now we actually have a solution to that frustration. Fire them today! Then, hire them back immediately as Sales Guides.

How to Fuel the Content Marketing Engine
Everyone is talking about Content Marketing. Right now it is the center of the universe for marketers. But if it’s the engine that drives lead generation, then what gas do we put in the engine to make it roar?

4.5 Ways to Increase Website Traffic
Did you know that you can actually impact the amount of traffic coming to your website? You can! It’s not all up to Google, Yahoo, or Bing. After all, you wouldn’t host a party without sending invitations. Here are 4.5 things you can do right now to drive traffic to your website.

You Can Cut Ad Expenditures and Increase Revenue
Yes, you read it right. It’s possible to reduce traditional advertising expenses, like print, TV, radio, direct mail, and trade show costs, while still increasing revenue overall.

4.5 Reasons Being #1 on Google Isn’t Enough to Drive Leads
Do you think being #1 on Google is the end all and be all of search marketing? A lot of our clients tell us, “We need to be on the first page of Google.” But in the end, getting on the first page of Google isn’t even a relevant metric. After all, if NO ONE clicks on your link, how did that help you?

Why Your Marketing Isn't Working


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