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Original articles from Barry A. Densa.
Content Marketing Gets the Axe from Google
It happens all the time… your website finally secures a starring role on the first page of a Google SERP. And then… KAPOW! Google “slaps” your website, sending it into virtual purgatory (SERP page 1,398,530 or beyond) — effectively flushing your web-based income down the toilet.

Three Rules for Business Emails
When writing emails, either as a series or as auto responders, if you’re not an experienced direct response copywriter — because you’re the boss, an IT person, or an unpaid summer intern — and have to write them anyway, because you can’t afford to hire a professional, experienced marketing and sales copywriter (ahem!)…

What's Wrong With This Picture? The Stauer Chronograph

Should You Use Humor in Sales Copy?
A debate has been burning up the bits and bytes on one of the popular marketing forums. The topic of heated discussion: whether or not to include humor in sales copy. Some of the members argue that humor can be a disarming and refreshing alternative to the caveman approach to copywriting — i.e., bludgeoning the reader into shock and submission with forceful declarations and exclamation points.

Writing Successful Sales Copy in the 2012 Recession
There are, as you may have heard, 13 human motivators, or “hot buttons” that inevitably drive sales. Employ any one or two of them in your marketing campaigns, with a deft and artistic touch, and you’ll easily deliver your customers to the precipice — the point at which he or she is presented with an all-important and consequential decision.

The Key Element for Successful Sales Copy
There is one element that will always drive your hungry crowd into a frenzy of uncontrollable, impetuous, spontaneous buying, and…this is what’s missing from most sales copy. This missing element is often confused with hype, which is usually crass, over the top, unbelievable, unproven, grandiose, and often obnoxious shouting and chest thumping.


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