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Original articles from Rena Prizant.
Best of TZM: Using Downtime as a Competitive Advantage
As with everything else, this economy too shall pass. Inevitably, companies will begin advertising once again. In the meantime, however, the creative life cannot stop. Samples must remain fresh and circulating. What’s to do?

Get Your A$$ Back to Class: The Value of Lifelong Learning
The bad news for those looking for a career in copywriting: Ad school is not enough. You must know people. The good news: Your career will feel like gameplay and you’ll rarely spend a day dreading going to work. Or, you can go get a real job.

It's Not Only About You. It's Also About Them.
“What if we tried…?” “I was thinking more like…” “What if we…?” Phrases like these are often heard floating around client meetings. It’s hard as a creative to take client creative direction with a grain of salt, especially since we’ve probably spent the past XX(X) number of hours creating concepts/executions/etc. for them, are lacking in sleep, and could probably use a stiff drink.

Bringin' Back a Little Humility
Here’s the thing: in our industry, we’re competing on an hour-by-hour basis. The larger the ad agency, the more cutthroat the competition. The problem with this is that advertising folk build mountains of ego around themselves in an effort to protect the seeping insecurity and can’t leave it at their desk at night.


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