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Original articles from Susan Kim.
'How Old Are You?' Answer: 'I'm 39. Again.'

Got LinkedIn Recommendations? Here's How to Get Some Without Asking
A friend of mine has confused asking for a LinkedIn recommendation with promiscuous sex and used-car sales. “It makes me feel cheap, pushy, and desperate,” he explains. I ask if he would prefer that people just write recommendations for him completely on their own initiative without any requests from him.

What Tina Fey Taught Me About Time Management
When Tina Fey was first promoted to head writer at SNL, she was stressed over all the sketches she had to edit and felt there was no way she could have the show ready in time. So she asked Lorne Michaels, the executive producer, “What happens if it’s not ready? And Lorne replied, “The show doesn’t go on because it’s ready. The show goes on because it’s 11:30.”

A Turtle Tale: When Helping Might Be Hindering
Imagine seeing a giant turtle that is crawling up from a river and is approaching the side of a road. You’re hiking past it and it turns up its head towards you. What do you do?

You May Be a Flake If...
While I’m sure you’re extremely funny and smell delightful, how can you be sure you’re not that flake everyone snickers about when you leave the room? It’s actually a tricky question, because the flakier you are, the more oblivious you are about your flakiness.

How Not to Be Invisible After 40
According to Harry Potter, Invisibility Cloaks are made from the pelts of Demiguise, which are magical herbivores living in the Far East. If you happen to be short on Demiguise, however, and need to be invisible, there’s another option. Simply go out into the world as a middle-aged person, and you can be invisible all the time, no cloak necessary.

Are Your Introductions Worse Than George Costanza's?
Whether you’re making out with someone whose name you can’t remember or you missed connecting with someone you’ve been trying to meet for a year, the root of the problem is the same: poor introductions.

10 Good Reasons to Hire a Grown-Up
There's a whole generation of creative folks who are now over 40, and apparently all of them are commenting on a recent post by Steven James. They are justifiably ticked off about age bias. But all that effort is wildly unproductive and could be channeled in a much more effective way. How could folks so good at crafting messages and getting the word out about brands be so bad when it comes to marketing themselves?


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