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Original articles from Rhonda Wenner.
On the Other Side of The Black Hole
My friend is a woman “of a certain age.” She has her doctorate in biology and has worked as a medical researcher for many years, looking for cures for diseases that no one wants to get. When the funding dried up two years ago there were no jobs in her specialty to be found, so to her credit she dusted herself off and got a teaching certificate and some paid training. For the past year, she has been applying for jobs, sending out multiple resumes every month. She hasn’t received any responses.

Go. Do. Learn. Then Hit the Beach.
The year is finally winding down. Yes, I do still think of “the year” as defined by the school calendar, even oh-so-many years after having left school. Old habits die hard. The weather is warming up, the garden is beckoning, and the nightmare of putting on a bathing suit again (I stay far away from mirrors!) is rapidly approaching. Before that, there are a few events of interest you may want to check out.

The Journey to Old (Part 3): Another Birthday
Another cake with so many candles that the first ones lit have melted by the time we get to lighting the last ones. Another close encounter with the fire extinguisher, hoping we don’t have to use it on the cake. Another few wrinkles, and I’m positive I’m shorter than last year.

The first daffodil has bloomed and that’s how I know it’s almost yard sale season. I have a yard sale every year. Every year I sell a lot of stuff and throw a lot of stuff out. Somehow I still have the same amount of stuff afterwards, and need to have yet another yard sale. So I’ve come to the conclusion that my possessions are biblical. That is, my Stuff Begets Stuff. I have no idea how that happens!

Pinterest is a social network where people collect images that they want to share. The numbers are very impressive. Today Pinterest gets over 12 million unique visitors per month, 9 million of which are Facebook users, and it hit 10 million users faster than any independent website in history. It’s barely two years old but already it generates more referrals than YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn combined!

Go. Do. Learn. Tan?

The Journey to Old (Part 2): Brand Your Age
I bet you are reading this because the word BRAND is in the headline. Until recently, it seemed that marketing was all about getting up to speed with social media; now branding is the new word of the week. There’s plenty of great information and advice — especially here on Talent Zoo! — about how to brand yourself, why you should brand yourself, and what to expect from branding.

Go! Do! Haunt?
Halloween is my favorite holiday, simply by virtue of the fact that it’s mostly about chocolate. And chocolate is my life! During my senior year in college — instead of doing my real design homework — I spent a week creating costumes for my roommate and myself: giant, wearable Hershey’s Kisses made from a chicken wire cage and voluminous quantities of Reynolds Wrap.

The Journey To Old (Part 1): It's All About the Choices
The definitive moment came about three weeks ago. I was at the register at Jo-Ann’s buying some fabric and the cashier took a long, hard look at me and asked, “Are you a senior?” Do you know how brutal is it having to choose between my pride and a 10% discount!? My inclination was to take the discount, naturally, and put it aside for a good investment.

Go. Do. Learn.
The kids are back to school and it’s time for you relax, right? Wrong. It’s time for you to learn something, meet new people, and get inspired. Here are just a few of the upcoming events to check out.

Finishing School: A Few Basic Tips for Graduates
You may have caught me mentioning that my daughter graduated college this past spring. To refresh your memory: B.S. in Marketing — No Job. My daughter’s small, expensive private college has a good reputation. In better days they were able to boast a 95% job placement rate, in part due to having several loyal alumni who were very successful and inclined to hire graduates from their alma mater.

An Accidental Entrepreneur
Some people say that entrepreneurs are born. I don’t know if that’s true because I am neither a sociologist nor a behavioral scientist. I only know that in my case I tripped into it.

Google+: I (CIRCLE) You, You (CIRCLE) Me
I have three Facebook accounts. I have one for my liberal family and friends and another for the conservatives. I must keep them separate — or there will be blood! The third account is for following marketers that I find interesting. This means that I either have to log in and out of my accounts constantly or have three computers on at once.

QR Codes: A Summertime Refresher
I have a long list of Things I Don’t Know that gets longer every time I look at it. This would be incredibly disheartening if it wasn’t for the fact that something is moving even faster than my own rush into old age: technology! This summer I decided to tackle a rudimentary understanding of mobile tech. When the printed circular from Bed Bath & Beyond has QR codes in it, it’s time to learn what’s what.

'Can I Fax You The Check?': Memorable Lines from the Trenches
Back in the Tarnished Age of Advertising — approximately 17 years after the Golden Age died — I owned a small “boutique” ad agency. It was after those glory days when all account execs at the bigger companies had a drinking problem, even if they didn’t, because every day at lunch they either drank, or pretended to drink, five martinis. Martinis were reasonably priced; call girls...not so much. But procurement was part of the job, too.

Picking Out the Cashews
I know it’s not polite — some may even think it’s gross — but I have to own up to this nasty little habit or you won’t get the point of this column. When presented with a bowl of mixed nuts I will sit there and pick out the cashews. After that I go after the hazelnuts. And then, well, is there any chocolate in the house?

Everything I Know, I Learned from YouTube
It started when I asked my daughter, “How do you know how to do all the technical and design things you know?” She was graduating with a marketing degree and had not taken any graphic design courses, but she is way better at Photoshop than I am. That’s when she said those seven little words that have been haunting me ever since.

Get Hooked Up! Marketing = Relationships
Marketing has always been about relationships. Sure, in The Dark Ages we didn’t have so-called friends on Facebook who liked us by pressing a button or followers on Twitter who are able to form a deep, personal relationship while limited to 140 characters. But everything was about relationships.


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