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Original articles from Jared Kohn.
How Do You Plead? Qualified, Your Honor!
In a court of law, one is considered innocent until proven guilty; but in the trials (forgive the pun) and tribulations of unemployment, it is very important to recognize that one is presumed unqualified until proven otherwise beyond a reasonable doubt.

The Job-Hunting Triple Crown
There has not been a Triple Crown winner for more than 30 years, and there is a reason. To win a Triple Crown, one must have a special diversity of talents and skill sets: simultaneously being able to dominate a short race while having the endurance for its lengthiest counterpart. Incidentally, that same horse must also be able to find the compromised balance somewhere in between.

Too Much of a Good Thing...Is a Bad Thing
A very common tactic when disclosing one’s weaknesses (one admittedly used by myself on more than one occasion) is to express oneself as having an excessive amount of a positive trait or as overusing a skill or competency. This may seem like a safe strategy, but there are still pitfalls waiting with this tactic.

The Tease: Leaking Big Ads Before The Big Game
As competition has grown and technology has experienced innovation, one can often access new commercials on a clandestine website before their actual release. The ads are represented as information being “leaked,” as if exposed through a tabloid or a bootleg version of the latest blockbuster movie.

Show and Tell: The Evolution of Integrated Marketing Campaigns
Simultaneously promoting a brand through different forms of media, or integrated marketing communication (or IMC), is not a new concept. In fact, IMC is practically demanded in the current marketplace.

Who’s the Decider?: Influencer Marketing in a Poor Economy
As brands are fighting even harder for a shrinking amount of disposable income, connecting with as many of the influencers towards a major or even minor purchase becomes that much more crucial.


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