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Original articles from Kate Benson.
How to Be a Better Interviewer
Not everyone is a good interviewer. It’s not a skill that one is born with — it’s something you learn and then need to work on developing. Like any other job aspect, it requires training and experience. I recently came to the conclusion that while I like to meet people and hear about their goals and aspirations, if I don’t have a specific agenda in mind — the things that are critical to particular clients — it feels a bit empty. In order for me to be most effective, and best utilize my time along with the candidate’s, I need to be looking for something.

Personal Branding and Your Career: Get Digital
When it comes to personal branding in the digital age, Ellen DeGeneres comes to mind. Recently on her talk show she showed extremely embarrassing photos from several audience members Facebook pages. The chosen few were extremely good-natured, and received cameras in exchange for their nationally televised embarrassment. But this idea goes much further than their 15 minutes.

Look Sharp, Feel Sharp, Be Sharp
These new male groomers represent the gentleman — he doesn’t want a touchy-feely spa experience, but wants to relax while getting his hair cut, a shave, or a massage. The new-style barber shops sprouting up around town allow clients some alleviation from their grueling work day — not to mention a single malt or a beer to take the edge off while they await their turn.

Bonuses Are Back: The New Value of Experience
During the past two years, powerful executives have been accepting jobs that brought severe pay cuts and junior titles. The big question employers were asking was “What can we get him/her for?” Everyone was ready to pounce on a bargain.

Are You a Dinosaur? 7 Signs That Say You Are
As the founding managing director of an executive search firm, I know that when dealing with resumes, we’re as close to experts as they come. We receive and review hundreds of resumes every week. After a while, it’s hard not to spot certain “tricks of the trade” that many candidates use to cover up their age, or even worse — what they forget to conceal.

Finding Perfection
Every company, no matter what the size, product, or profits, wants their employees to be the best. Of course, this means different things to different corporate entities and executives, but when you’re looking (and paying) for the best and the brightest, you want them to be able to check off every box.

LinkedIn or Get Out
Facebook’s reach has such tremendous strength because of the central idea it’s based on — social networking. It provides a platform to form connections and relationships on a level not attainable in everyday life. It is not, however, the best social tool from a professional standpoint.

The Ins and Outs of Seeking and Starting a New Job
Even though companies are changing, there are a few personal behaviors that are always “out” and always “in,” both in your interview and as a newcomer to the company. Here are some “outs” and “ins” to remember, whether you’re seeking or starting a job this Monday.

Onboarding the New Exec
How do we attract new customers without alienating current ones? How do we remain true to our brand when we launch a new product category? How can we be viewed as an authority when we’re newcomers? These questions are not easily answered. Only by having the right leader in place can a company truly create change.

Dear Candidate: Here's Why You Didn't Get the Job
The key thing is to engage in a conversation, not a sales pitch of what you have done and what you will do for them.

What CEOs Can Learn From Designers
CEOs need designers to teach them about the industry and culture.


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