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Original articles from Mary Alias.
Too Many Words. Too Few Copyeditors.
According to Will Rogers, an expert is "a man fifty miles from home with a briefcase." Nowadays, it’s everyone with a computer. If everyone’s an expert, why hire anyone? There’s the rub: Our severely crippled economy begs everyone to be an expert. Or at least pose as one.

Pay Parity and the 'Mancession'
The past few years of record-breaking job loss has been coined a “Mancession” because the bulk of lost jobs mostly affected men. Women may have lost a smaller percentage of jobs than men since 2008, but buck up, boys: Women have been dealing with low-wage work and lower pay for eons.

What's a Girl To Do (For a Job)?
Now that I’ve been unemployed longer than I care to mention (though not long enough for Glenn Beck to hear me say, “Want fries with that?”), I’m wondering how to get an advertising job when you have lots of experience, but limited nepotism.

Change Can Be Good. Kindness, Better.
Part of being a good manager is knowing when not to touch something. To stop overworking a job, and its creator, and STEP AWAY FROM the drawing board.

Why Lack of Privacy Can Hinder Creativity
The fact that full-time workers spend more time with one other than with loved ones is exactly why businesses should honor privacy.

The Problem With Working at an Agency
How do you explain the raging egos that rear their ugly heads all too often in this business?


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