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Original articles from Dave Smith.
Following the Mannequins: Don't Just Pick Any Job
I was just a few years out of wearing nothing but Ramones T-shirts and dyeing my hair all manner of colors when I landed my first job writing at an ad agency. Not in New York or Chicago, mind you, but in Memphis. Yeah — the place better known for Elvis Presley Blvd than Madison Ave.

If You’re Going to Steal, Choose a Nice Neighborhood
It’s something that is not simply relegated to the advertising business but in all creative ventures.

Ads For Fun. Just Don't Do It.
I just heard a funny and disturbing story about a local advertising award show. Seems some young but very talented creatives went out and found a small client (in this case a small restaurant known for frying chicken).

Sometimes the big idea is in the details
I don’t know about you, but I am sick of hearing about the proverbial "big idea." Or more specifically, what the "big idea" has come to mean to some people.

What Luke Sullivan, Ron Huey and Lynryd Skynyrd Taught Me About Advertising
After 15 years of writing ads, I am amazed at how much the business has changed since I first sat down in front of a computer to write at the in-house ad agency for a company that makes camshafts in Memphis. It was the kind of place where the receptionist's entire wardrobe was bought with Marlboro Miles.


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