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Original articles from Michael Driehorst.
Listen to Consumers; Don’t Control Them
Some companies think they are in control of the brand that you are trying to communicate. Some marketing individuals, particularly those heavy into social media, say the consumer is in control of what a brand is. What do you think? Do companies or consumers have control over a company’s brand?

In Social Media, You’re Always ‘On’
In traditional media relations and public relations, we’re supposed to be invisible... But, in social media marketing, much of our efforts force us to come out from behind the curtain.

Traditional and Social Media: The Same, yet Very Different
There are a lot of tactics that fall under the public relations umbrella, but media relations more often than not first comes to mind when you talk PR. Similarly, when you talk social media marketing, blogs are one of the first things that come to mind -- though social media marketing is so very much more.

Research is Always the Best Place to Start
Public relations, essentially all forms of marketing communications, is truly about relationships. However, PR is much so because you often have to rely on others to be successful.How can you sell something – a product, an idea, a cause, action, etc. – if you don’t know much about your audience?

If It’s Online, It’s In the Public Eye
If it is online -- text, pictures, video, audio, etc. -- it is public, or it will be soon. If you don’t want the world to know, keep it to yourself. For some time, I’ve been a firm believer that self-censorship is a very under-appreciated, personal quality.

Cause Marketing Can be Powerful Tool
If you read the news or the job boards like Talent Zoo, “the economy” is at the forefront of many discussions – both online and offline. While the impact of the challenging and often stressful economic times is evident, it also presents opportunities for marketers.

Job Search and Marketing, What's the Difference?
Let’s look at five lessons, and with each one, I’ll show how you can apply it to your job search or your marketing communication efforts.

Proper Planning Key To Setting ROI Expectation
ROI. ROI. ROI. Everyone is asking for justification and what have you done for me lately. And, they’re correct.

People Are Talking About Your Business Online – Are You Listening?
I and other TalentZoo columnists have written about social media before. Let's get back to some 101-type information about social media, and why it's important to pay attention to it.

Women Rock!
If you’re a guy, you likely already know it. If you’re a married man, you should already know it. And, if you’re a mom, you are it.

Is The Age of Entertainment Upon Us?
Whether you’re in marketing -- particularly the digital side -- or just looking for a job in marketing and related fields, you may have noticed the growing emphasis on entertainment. Entertainment activities becoming more the focus of our digital and offline lives.

Quality Writing Skills Taking on Greater Importance
Whether you are fresh out of college looking for your first job, president of a company retiring next month – or somewhere in between on the career path – communicating through writing is an essential skill.

Mass to Singular Marketing: Determining the Best Medium
While there is a lot of over-hype over emerging new media technologies, the one thing for sure is that those innovations are driving more opportunities for our industry.

Size Up Your Social Media Commitment
In social media marketing, there are essentially two aspects: listening and talking. To decide whether you should talk – that is be active in social media – here are questions to ask yourself and your client or company.

Successful Marketing Means Seeing Things Through the Eyes of Your Audience
Marketing essentially boils down to demonstrating how the audience wants and needs are met by our employer’s or clients’ products and services.

Do Not Fear Social Media
Social and consumer-generated media continues to be all the rage. Look at Time magazine’s 2006 Person of the Year. It’s you. And, me. And, the person in the office next to you.


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