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Original articles from Elias Kamal Jabbe.
Highlights of Digital Marketing
Seasoned online marketers Trina Albus and Corinne Crockett recently discussed some highlights of their ten-week digital marketing course taking place this fall at General Assembly LA. Online marketing has undergone quite an evolution in recent years. It is important that businesses keep up by continuously educating everyone involved.

Big Data and the Rapidly Evolving Concept of Privacy
Technology, social media in particular, has pushed the boundaries of the limits of privacy over the course of the past decade. Networks like Facebook and Twitter, when used by people who generously share personal information, have taken the fun and mystery out of getting to know people in the traditional way. Though Facebook has helped law enforcement officials catch criminals, the careless use of Twitter has had a reverse effect.

Branding Experts Share Marketing Advice for Startups
LOS ANGELES — Public Relations and startup industry veterans converged at the Olympic Collection’s Regency Ballroom on December 4, 2012 to discuss best practices for startups interested in telling their stories in interesting ways. The panel — part of Business Wire Los Angeles' "Media Breakfast" series — featured a diverse mix of speakers with experience representing international brands and engaging hyper-local communities in Southern California.

Professional Advice for Generation Y
Members of the nonprofit and business sectors gathered at the University of Southern California’s Career Center to share insight on a panel focused on succeeding in the marketing communications field on October 11, 2012. The panel, part of the Career Center’s Internship Week, offered an opportunity for Generation Y students to discover the traits needed to thrive in the 21st century professional world where small businesses and bigger responsibilities are becoming the status quo.

Crowdsourcing: The Hottest Trend of 2011

True Talk LA: Traditional Marketing + Social Media
A diverse crowd socializes at a venue a few blocks from the Santa Monica beach while the latest songs play in the background at just the right volume. While some decide to walk around in order to “work the room,” others relax on the plush leather couches. No, this isn’t a Saturday night scene from a lounge in the laid-back beachfront city.

The Facebook Revolution is an Evolution
Greek philosopher Heraclitus was known for his timeless quote: “The only thing constant in life is change.” These same words perfectly sum up social media marketing’s rapid evolution centuries later. Once known as an exclusive platform for college students who wanted to stay in touch with high school friends and new college buddies just a few years ago, Facebook has transformed into a highly developed advertising platform that seems to be bigger than the Internet itself.

Why Networking Outside the ‘Net Works
For job seekers, it is important to remember that every interaction counts, and there are ways to “create” interactions outside of traditional ways such as an actual job interview.

How to Have an Awesome Interview
Pointing out your results and what you did that you weren’t required to do illustrates that you are self-motivated and creative, a go-getter.

Concrete Tips on Using Social Media in Your Job Search
A balanced mix of research between Linkedin and Facebook (as well as traditional methods) can help job seekers reach their goals more efficiently.

The Ability to Represent Yourself: Don't Leave Home Without It
Job seekers can succeed by emphasizing their unique aspects, yet not in a lengthy or off-putting way. There is a fine line between bragging and confidently expressing one's uniqueness.


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