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Original articles from Robert Passikoff.
Death of the Salesmen – Fuller Files for Chapter 11
You have to be of a certain age to remember the actual door-to-door salesmen of joke and fable, because times have changed. That happens more quickly in the marketing universe than others.

Which Brands Have the Most Loyal Customers?
Brands that understand how real emotional connections serve as a surrogate for added value will create stronger loyalty bonds no matter what the economy is like.

Gross-Out Food Wars
Whether these offerings are appetizing to consumers, a market opportunity does not a brand success make.

It’s a Phone. It’s a Tablet. It’s a Tweener!
“Tweener" technology has come and gone before, but up until now the concept hasn’t been able to successfully embody consumer’s increased technology expectations and increased technology offerings in a one-size-fits-all device.

Moms Win Out Over the Economy
Good news for Mom. Jewelry gifts showed the most improvement as more than nine of 10 consumers (93 percent) plan to celebrate Mother's Day, with total spending estimated to reach $15 billion, according to the annual Brand Keys Mother's Day survey.

Are You Really A 'Brand'? A New Brand Continuum for the 21st Century
Today everybody from clothing designers to celebrities claims to be a "brand." Seems it's the latest cool thing. Announcements of new "brands" fill time on shows like Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight, but ultimately the products and services must face the realities of the marketplace...


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