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Original articles from Robyn Lahlein.
The 'M' In Team: Motivation
When you look around at your team, particularly at people’s level of drive and motivation, what do you see?

Why Analytics Matter: Measuring Talent
As protectors of our clients’ brands, we’d never recommend an integrated communications, marketing, or media campaign to any of our clients without well-thought-out ROI supporting it — or the “why” that justifies their investment and what project the brand lift they can expect to see as a result.

Overcoming the Middle-Management Squeeze
Now, because of a fewer development options, “on pause” programs, and less communication from the top, middle managers are holding what seems to be weight of their agencies on their shoulders and are being “squeezed” from all around.

Overcoming the Middle-Management Squeeze
Whether you are a newly promoted manager, are now formally managing a friend, or are now responsible for more people than you ever have been, you’re likely doing all of this with fewer manager “support tools” than you had a few years ago.

How to Retain Star Employees While Planning for Succession
Coming out of the 2009 decline, all organizations, and particularly agencies, are more exposed than ever. They are pressed to make up for the lag in 2009, are "resource lean" in all areas, and incredibly exhausted.


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