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Original articles from Lynda Sizemore.
Battling Recession-Induced Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
I recently wondered out loud (via Twitter actually) if recession-induced post-traumatic stress disorder may be a viable defense in the courts. I mean, don't you think a few misdemeanors could be chalked up to what we've all been through? If I drive over to a client's office and throw a brick through their window because they're 90 days overdue on an invoice? If I snap and rear-end someone in traffic and then scream obscenities when he or she doesn't use his or her turn signal?

Google's Earnings
From the wilds (?) of Wyoming, Jason Kintzler, founder and CEO of PitchEngine, alerts us to another move toward disclosing earnings information on a corporation's website, rather than via the far more customary manner of broadly issued press releases. The Securities and Exchange Commission made that switch possible nearly two years ago when it allowed managements to depart from the press release format provided, says the Q4 Blog: 1. a company web site is a recognized channel of distribution 2. posting of information on a company web site disseminates the information in a manner making it available to the securities marketplace in general, and 3. there has been a reasonable waiting period for investors and the market to react to the posted information.


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